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Free Happy Christmas 2015 Wallpapers for All Devices

Christmas just on our door step again and SmashingBuzz decided to place something awe-inspiring for our visitors as Free Happy Christmas 2015 Wallpapers for All Devices. We carry some high-tech devices like all resolution friendly beautiful HD Christmas 2015 wallpapers, like desktop computers, mac machines, iPhone 6,

A List on Best Mobile Application Testing Tools

For web developers, nothing can seem more relaxing other than their apps reporting no or as few issues as possible on the release. The best way to ensure the flawless working of newly developed apps is to make use of testing tools. There is a variety of

Useful Material Design Frameworks

Mostly designers are finding help with the material frameworks that we have today in this post. We would like to talk about most wanted topic Material design frameworks (front-end framework for designers), that helps to make easier and speedier for creating anything from a button to a

10 Must Have Online Resume Builder

If you going to apply for a job for any profession you need an creative resume for present your basic skills and education and it’s really hard to make an piece of art for your employer. Having a striking resume is very necessary for any

From Masked Vigilante to Superman’s Nemesis: The Big Screen Evolution of Batman

Batman is, without a doubt, the most famous masked vigilante of comic book history. I won't call him a superhero, as he is not one - superheroes have superhuman abilities, where he has none. He is not capable to fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, jump over

4 Common WordPress SEO Mistakes

Wordpress may seem deceptively simple the first time you upload a bit of writing and schedule the final blog post. Don’t be fooled; it’s a rabbit hole. There are plenty of ways to use it to make your material a lot better, and SEO is just one

Why Designers prefer to Play Online Games for Learning

In the late 1990s, on line gambling gained reputation. Net playing websites had accelerated from simply 15 web sites in 1996 those was not much creative websites, to two hundred websites in 1997. A record published through Frost & Sullivan found out that on-line playing sales had

Filling Red and Blue Backgrounds

Filling the background with a colorful image is no longer a cool solution today. Different devices - stationary, mobile - make it difficult to adapt graphics to them all, although we remember that the latest scripts offer solutions such as automatic image resizing. Patterns are trend for now

How To Increase Web Traffic By 200% Using Social Media Audit

The social media traffic report of Shareaholics states that the overall traffic in December 2014 was driven to 31.24% from 22.71% in a span of a year, with the help of eight social platforms, namely – Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Google+. So what

Golden Rules To Build A Stunning UX Portfolio

If you are a UX designer and want to boost your design career with a conspicuous portfolio, there are certain points that must be considered. To help you understand them, I have enlisted a few of the valuable key aspects for creating a ravishing UX portfolio that