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How to Keep Your Clients on Board for a Long Time

Working as a freelance designer is not at all an easy task. Apparently, it may look very convenient and attractive to some people but once you get into freelancing, you realize how difficult it is. Yes, you do have a lot of advantages of being a freelancer

Time Management Tips for Freelance Designers

Time management is very important in every profession; in fact, it is the most vital element of professionalism. History may vouch for the fact that success comes to the people who have managed time better in their personal and professional life. You have to meet deadlines to

Tips to Improve Your Design Blog

Blogging has become the most important and widely used tool of new media technology. The concept has, once again, enabled the Internet to become a two way communicating medium. Since the advent of blogging, people from all walks of life have started pouring into this and have

Facebook Chat Available Contacts Online or Offline Status

If you are linked with too many people on Facebook and need to hide your online status on Facebook Chat from certain contacts, here’s some help. Note: All stuff belong to an inspiration of labnol