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Why Your Website Should Run On HTML5

We could reel off a list of types of language or features that you shouldn't be using anymore, but instead, we'll cut to the chase and tell you what should be providing the foundation of your site - HTML5. HTML5 isn't particularly new - it went live

Learn How-to Create HTML5, CSS3 Dropdown Menus – 35 Tutorials

Oh yes, new tutorials for to explore the experience! This time these tutorials have fresh HTML5 and CSS3 menu tutorials. CSS3 allows its users to create stylish menus, dynamic dropdown for websites. If you want to give a glow to your website and want to make it

An Ultimate Collection of Free HTML5 Templates

This is the great ultimate set of royalty free HTML 5 template that you will disclose in this roundup. These are the cream of the crop HTML 5 templates that have a variety in them so that you can select the right one just according to your

Most Playing Online HTML5 Games

Mainly, it is known as a modish markup language which is distinguishable from the text material easy and the usage of this web language includes the designing of websites. The up to date version of this language is known as HTML5 which perform the function of arranging

Top HTML5 Web Templates – 40 Free Examples

Our modern world of internet is never complete without the word of HTML (Hyper Text Markup language). The HTML is the main markup language (A modern system which is made for annotating a document which can be synthetically distinguishable from the text) which is used to display

40 Ultimate Creative Examples of HTML5 for Professionals

So many rumors about HTML5 in the web and designers meetup and some of these said HTML5 taking over Adobe Flash as ultimate alternate even Apple Inc. said they no more support Adobe Flash in their all

Flash or HTML5? Customer Orientation makes you Easy to Decide

HTML5 or flash? Which way would you choose to realize the animation for your website?As a web designer, it’s an essential choice to make; and the answer will be determined by your customer, in another word, your choice will be made according to the orientation of your