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15 Analytic Online Tools For Digital Marketers

The secret to many a marketer's success is the way they analyze their data. If you can take your data and divine how to improve your campaigns with it, your business can go far. Here's 15 Analytic online tools that will help you get everything you need

Can You Guess Which Apps Consumers Love Best? Apple Has the Answer!

As a budding app developer you may have a particular niche in which you excel, but if you really want to make a name for yourself, you should know which apps people are downloading most by category. With all the buzz in recent months on all the

How to Effectively Use Testimonials on Your Website

Once you’ve collected some great feedback from your customers, there comes another pain in the neck: how to squeeze the best out of these testimonials placed on your website? First of all, make sure you:

How Can I Make My Visitors Stay Longer On My Website

Are you pissed off that your visitors just come to your website and run away? They are getting attracted with the graphics but what is it that makes them leave the website as soon as they enter? What are those points that other websites have but your

How cloud software solutions could revolutionise your online business

Ever wanted to own an online business? Having an online business is exciting. As the global recession is still ongoing, this type of business is very popular because it reduces expenditures such as commercial rates for hiring a shop. Like all businesses, there are many software programs

8 Most Helpful WordPress Plugins for Developers

We all know how difficult it is to develop websites that can actually function faster and better, especially when you have to develop for WordPress. You must ensure that you know every single detail of the CMS to have a great website developed for WordPress. When you

A Solid Design Strategy Can Boost Client Satisfaction and Save You Time

Do-it-yourself clients, young marketing directors and new designers often don’t get the value of having a solid design strategy in place as they believe that flair and passion are more essential to the design process. As essential these elements are to the design process, they don’t always

How to Detect a Keylogger: Tips to Keep your System Infection-free

The World, where everything from your computer to your TV is connected via internet has a darker side like everything else. Viruses, Worms, Hackers etc. are all quiet popular words today and are no longer a part of the geek terminology. The malicious software are gaining more

Bloggers Guide – The Anatomy of a worthy Post

Few days ago, a good friend of mine, made an acid remark towards some of my articles, saying that the work of a blogger is about writing much but saying practically nothing. “Some of your posts are