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Mobile Gaming Is Changing For the Better

The game ‘Snake’ became the standard pre-loaded game on Nokia mobile phones in 1998, and the world quickly became addicted. The simple monochrome graphics of the game have since been replaced with more sophisticated mobile gaming, but revisiting the original reminds us how far mobile gaming technology

Snapheal, Best Way to Edit Your Lovely Photos without Photoshop

Imagine if you are on a trip to some nice plan, spent good amount of money, had fantastic time and took numerous photos. But when you are back and looked at the photos you find not a single one to put it on Facebook or other social

Gamer, Meet the iZettle iPhone Card Reader

It's slim, it's sexy and it gets your money where you need it to be as fast as you need it and with a minimum of fuss. Do you really need to know anything else? The iZettle iPhone credit card reader has hit the market and caused

Comparing Content of Netflix, LOVEFILM

Through the wonders of the internet we, the public, are being offered a whole host of services designed to make life easier, more convenient and provide entertainment from wherever and whenever we can access the World Wide Web. Taking advantage of this platform are companies such as Netflix

What kinds of Apps can you get for your Mobile Phone?

There are now millions of apps available for us across all of the devices we own. Mobile phones, tablets and computers can be equipped with apps to make our lives easier, fun, and sometimes completely random. Visit Dialaphone for some of the best mobile phone apps and

48hourslogo, Get Quality Professional Logos designed in No Time

A friend of mine recently started a company and like a first step in establishing all enterprises, he wanted to have a quality logo design for his business. For that he kept looking for a logo designer and design houses, but wherever he went, and whoever he

How to Use a Blog to Boost Your Baby Business

Blogging has become so popular these days but have you ever thought what makes it so important? If asked, each blogger will give you a different reply. Every blogger will have his or her personal reasons behind blogging. Some will say they blog for networking and for

Shopify, All You Need for a Winning e-Commerce Breakthrough

The other day I visited a friend who makes hand-made decorations and household stuff. I was so impressed by the quality and diversity of her work, however, the only thing in my mind was that she needs a better platform to sell her products. At that time

6 Things to Take Home from a Design Conference

In the corporate world, attending conferences is now a part of culture. It is a great way to network and also learn a lot of new things. If you are a designer, you should be attending all design conferences in your town as it helps you a

Things to Look for While Naming Your Baby Business

I have often heard people saying that name does not really matter and it is quite amazing to hear. We all are known by our names, that is what we are recognized from and even then considering names unimportant comes across as a very strange statement. It