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VR Casino Games Explained

Virtual Reality Casino games have has brought the new and advanced type of casino games that seem to be taking over both traditional and online casino games.  The reason why this type of gaming was introduced was to attract a more realistic and convenient way of gaming.

Best VR Videos and Films

In today’s post, we are focusing on some of the best VR videos and films that you can watch anytime. Many people have said that VR was created only for gaming, as well as porn, but we beg to differ. In fact, the applications of VR go

How hidden spy apps for android helps Parents Control Their Children

Today in this technological world, all children use android smartphones & tell their parents that they are working, learning & doing etc. things. So how parents can check what their children are doing that or other things they are seeing on smartphones, it may affect their future.

5 Things to Expect from The PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is under development right now and with every new release there’s nope to far exceed the previous generation. In fact, a new leak suggests the console might be many times more powerful than the PS4. While you may have to get your finances in

2019 Crypto Trends

Anyone who held cryptocurrency in 2018 is probably still feeling the effects of that. It was a turbulent year, to say the least, with prices down over 80% compared to the highs at the end of 2017. Things were not all doom and gloom though, despite the

The UK welcomes first-ever all-female poker League

Female poker players based in the United Kingdom received a timely boost recently, after the Grosvenor Casino in Sheffield announced that they will be launching a women’s only league starting in June. The news comes at a time where diversity across sport and casino-related games is shifting

Biggest ever Roulette Wins

We’ve all done it.  Dreaming of winning big at the casino is nothing new, and thousands of people will all try to increase their wealth with a spin of the roulette wheel. Typically speaking, roulette is a game that is centred on luck but there are a

Gamification & eCommerce: A combo that does Wonders

Basically, gamification for eCommerce means selecting and ordering things in an interesting way. It can be achieved by using game principles to design a game-like way to select and order a product on your online eCommerce website. Gamification can be added to already running websites & if

The Top iPhone Casino Apps

The reason why most iPhone real money gamblers opt for casino apps is that they are easy to download and they are also fast. The beautiful part is that they come in many different versions, layouts and different advantages. The good thing is that many players can

The Good and the Bad about VR Games

VR games are the latest release in gaming technology such that everyone everywhere wants a taste of the VR gaming experience. However, like any other man-made technology, there will be advantages and disadvantages that come with it. That is why today we want to look at the