Designers' Favorite Figma Plugins in 2022

You’re losing out if you’re a designer and aren’t familiar with Figma.

Everyone is getting in on the act, including designers, developers, agencies, and company owners. And deservedly so, because the tool is magnificent and available to everyone. So, whether you’re curious something that you can create with that or how you can utilize it, this post is for you.

The only concern is that navigating alone can be complicated. The app’s UI is outstanding, but it isn’t always simple to comprehend at first glimpse, so you’ll need some Figma plugins to help you out.

What exactly are Figma plugins?

Plugins are not only a great approach to boost productivity in Figma, but they’re still an essential part of the Figma environment.

Figma plugins are little pieces of code that make creating in Figma simpler. They enable you to use third-party solutions to increase your productivity and make your designs appear fantastic. Plugins enable you to accomplish everything from export assets with a single click to quickly add custom fonts—and that’s just scraping the surface!

Roller – Design Linter

Roller, the initial design complier, is designed to assist you detect and correct style discrepancies in your files. Designers may use this tool to guarantee consistency with their style guides and design systems.

Roller – Design Linter

Source for Download Roller

Using the plugin, you can quickly remove the background from any image with a single keyboard click. (To utilize this, you must first sign up for a account)

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UI Faces

UI Faces assists you in creating your avatar. You may use this tool to select from the available choices and customize it by utilizing the filters (age, emotion, gender, and hair color.)


UI Faces Figma Plugin

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Status Annotations

Status Annotations Plugin allow you to show your teammates the following status of your designs.

  1. In progress
  2. Review
  3. Approved
  4. Develop
  5. Complete
  6. Archive

Status Annotations Figma Plugin

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Iconify Plugin allows you to choose from a collection of 100000 icons. Simply choose the relevant one and add it as a vector form.

Iconify Figma Plugin

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Unsplash is the largest online source for commercial and personal use free stock photography.

You may use this plugin to:

  1. Search an image by keyword
  2. pick a random image

Additionally, you may apply effects to photographs (such as blurring).

Unsplash Figma Plugin

Source for Download Unsplash

Content Reel

The Content Reel plugin makes it simple to:

  1. Create and share content
  2. Add photos, icons, text strings to your design

Content Reel Figma Plugin

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