It is usually beneficial to have some of the fundamental elements of your design prepared for you when building a new app or website. Having the minor details taken care of will undoubtedly increase your efficiency. This is why, when it comes to design tools, resources are important. If you use Figma, we have created Figma resource sites and additional packages to assist you with your next project.

It might save you a lot of time and work, both of which are essential while developing. Furthermore, there are now various websites that provide free UI/UX kits and Figma resources for both professional and personal usage.

Figma Crush

Figma Crush is, as the name implies, the “largest collection of free Figma resources.” It includes a range of Figma resources with explanations to assist you navigate and find what you need. Options range from Figma components like buttons to comprehensive UI Kits. It is the greatest site for Figma materials, with options for both freebies and some paid resources.

Figma Crush for Download Freebies

Figma Crush

Figma Freebies

Figma freebies, as the name implies, provides free Figma assets. There is no need to join up or register. Exploring is simple, with well-organized categories for templates, UI Kits, and more. There are also several options available.

Figma Freebies  for Download Freebies


Figma freebies

Figma Themes

The Figma theme includes a small number of free and paid Figma component libraries, UI kits templates, and so on, but they are of really high quality.

Figma Themes  for Download Freebies

Figma themes

Freebies UI

Freebies UI is a design resource for UI/UX professionals. It’s an incredible place for teams working on a range of projects. Figma has a variety of layouts, web UI kits, mobile kits, icons, wireframes, code snippets, and fonts.

This website is fantastic since it is well-optimized, so you will have no problem finding the material you’re looking for.

Freebies UI

Freebies UI

Resource Hub

The most visible resource portal is the resource hub. If you’re a fresh UI & UX Designer, this is a great place to start. This website provides a wide range of tools, documents, courses, and guidance. Although it is relatively confined, it is a good starting point for any beginners.

Resource Hub  for Download Freebies

Resource Hub