The Best Open-Source Ui Software Development Kit: Flutter

As we all know, mobile applications and smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. As a result, most software development companies mainly use Flutter as their app development platform.

Mobile users expect and demand more for using smooth, attractive, and elegant designs. For developing such an application without compromising the quality, Flutter is a suitable platform.

The flutter app development platform has fast, attractive, and customizable widgets. Such functionalities of Flutter make it the best UI framework all over the market.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is mainly an open-source UI software development kit that Google develops. It is used to develop cross-platform applications for platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, web from a single codebase.

Flutter provides a simple, powerful, efficient, and easy-to-understand software development kit to write an android application in the dart, Google’s language.

A library will refer to a code used in an app to perform specific operations. At the same time, a framework acts as a structure to form the application by providing tools to achieve architecture.

Features of Flutter

Here are some amazing features of Flutter that a flutter app development company can consider.

Cross-platform app development

If you are new in the industry of app development, then you must be happy by getting the information on how to create an android application or launch an iOS application.

Instead of developing two different Android and iOS, developers can develop only one application with a single codebase for Android and iOS platforms.

With the help of Flutter, you can develop a simple application by using cross-platform mobile app development tools that save developers time and effort to develop an application separately.

It is fast

When we discuss developing a mobile application, speed is the most important thing. Using Flutter makes it easy for the software development company to identify the changes made in the code.

Such a feature is known as hot reload in the Flutter; it will help experiment easily, develop quick UIs, add features, and handle bugs.

Support older devices

Supporting older devices is one of the most important concerns of all developers, especially when the operating system is updated and regularly used by users.

By using the Flutter platform, your application will look the same even when it works on the old version of Android or iOS. It doesn’t even cost much for using the older version.

Rich user experience

Flutter app development company develops applications using in-built widgets. Similar to other components such as layouts, views, controllers, Flutter also provides widgets that can be combined to develop complex layouts.

App developers will achieve a wide range of widgets that can be reused and personalized to develop an impeccable user experience. Although widgets in Flutter are organized in trees, it is imperative to plan further to develop a large app.


Cost efficiency

Using flutter app development, developers can develop various applications for multiple platforms using a single code base, which is cost-effective and advantageous.

As a result of using a single codebase, the cost of developing will be reduced, and the time and effort of flutter app developers will also be saved. Furthermore, with the help of a software development company, you will release two applications of the different platforms in your budget.

Google guaranteed

Apps developed using Flutter are guaranteed to get long-term support from Google as the company uses the technology. In addition, you will be assured that Google will fix bugs, launch new versions, and contribute with the technology until it is possible.

Flutter app development company is already involved in ample Google projects, which shows how much Flutter is useful and will stay for a long time.

Pros of Flutter

  • Single code for multiple platforms
  • Rich libraries
  • All widgets
  • Hot reload

Cons of Flutter

  • Large file size
  • Complex updating
  • Limited tools and libraries

Tools used in Flutter

Flutter uses some amazing tools for developing applications. The list of tools is given below.

●    Panache

It is considered one of the best flutter app development tools, and it will allow you to make personalised themes for flutter apps. You can also experiment with various shapes, colors, and themes and export them to Google drive.

Panache has a simple process that starts with applying a theme to the entire application and later generates the theme to your library and adjusts theme property to a generated theme in your file.

●    Codemagic

It is very simple. Codemagic will make your whole app development process smooth and efficient, and even its debugging, which makes it effective until the end of market release without any issue.

Codemagic will integrate with any tool to develop and test the application and reduce the need for launching configuration with the help of automated code.

●    Appetize

It is an online-based flutter app development tool and an excellent choice for developing flutter applications. It will enter the app development process to accelerate the launch of the iOS and Android platforms.


After the success of Flutter software app development applications, companies are choosing Flutter as their app development and helping them study Flutter in detail. I have mentioned a few important things about Flutter in the blog above.

Flutter is the best choice for app developers as it saves the time, effort, and cost of developing an application. In addition, they can develop applications for various platforms by using a single code base.


About Author:

Rahim Ladhani, CEO and Managing Director at Nevina Infotech, Enterprise Web App & Mobile Application Development Company, helps global businesses grow by the internet of things development.