How to Make Charitable Emails Appropriate for More Donations?

Emails have been the most powerful mode of drawing people’s attention. Non-profit organizations such as NGOs and other social service brands are also using emails in order to ask for donations to keep up with the good work. Emails have the highest ROI than any other existing marketing channels.

With this approach, you can send numerous donation requests with just one click. It is always considered an optimal way to update the donors/prospects about the future and current projects. The major point of concern is whether you are channelizing your efforts adequately or not. Are you sure your emails are working the best in acquiring donations?

If not, you probably lack the appropriateness in your email, which deprives you of getting sufficient donations. Therefore, this article is here to help you out with some ideal ways to make your charitable emails more appropriate for donations.

  1. Subject Lines can do the Magic!

Your target audience is already getting a lot of emails daily. Some of those emails are important and are left in the inbox, while others go, either to trash or to spam box. Those emails are never going to get back the attention of the user. You cannot physically reduce the chances of your fundraising emails ending up in the trash, but you can decrease the occurrence of this instance.

They will often hold themselves back from deleting your mail from your inbox when they see a catchy headline. As the surveys are concerned, the users spend a few seconds reading the subject line that has catchy phrases. Moreover, there is a high chance they will open and check the complete mail, with that interest built by the subject line. Do not use any boring phrases in the subject line, which would hamper your email marketing campaign.

Aweber is a popular email marketing tool that businesses are using to circulate their catchy donation subject lines. You need a proficient platform to circulate your request emails. And, this problem can be solved using these trustworthy tools! You need to enable their services, add up the contacts of subscribed users, and then type out the mail with a best-in-class subject line. You will have quite more attention than before.

  1. Get Straight to the Point

There is a difference between making in-person appeals and fundraising and donation email. When it is about donations, you need to get to the point as soon as possible. It is because the users won’t stay on your main page for long! The rule is that you should ask for your donation or fundraise within the first two paragraphs. The earlier you inform the user about the main purpose, the better it is!


Without it, the users will start to wonder about what’s the point of this elaborative mail! As a result, they will reject the mail and close the tab after reading the first couple of paragraphs. So, you need to make that count! Aweber offers the best email templates to let you customize the paragraphs, and scale them for better formatting, to ensure maximum attention of the customers. This will help you design the format well with to-the-point information so that the users stay on your mail rather than shifting to the next.

When you have given out the required information from the start, they know that they need to make financial contributions and are invited to a fundraiser event. And then, you can express the cause of your non-profit business and how the donations would help the brand and its service towards others. With a bit of organization-specific branding, you can get positive attention from the mal recipients.

  1. Keep the Things Personal

You are approaching the donors individually, so the treatment through the mail should be the same. And for that, you need to personalize the email communications for donors with the use of data for segmenting the email list. It means that the donor who has always contributed to your firm should receive a special and different email than the one that you are sending in general.

You need to segment the inactive donors as well in order to know from whom you can expect and from whom you cannot. This will probably help you design different emails for the recipients of various categories. Hence, the predictable incoming of donations can be assumed, and the active donors would feel special to get a unique set of emails, which is different from the general ones.

  1. Give them the Means to Donate

The most important part of donation emails is that there should be a link within the mail, using which the donors can donate. You can anchor the link to some relatable text within the mail body. Apart from that, you can also create a ‘Donate Now’ button around the mail body and feed the link onto it. Keep the button highly visible for the users to find it at ease.

You can also add uplinks for a donation form available over your social media handles. If the users intend to send a cheque to you for a donation, you should mention all of the necessary details, along with the address to post the same. You should also add a mobile number to let the users make donations over the phone.


So, in this way, you can ensure to create the best email for seeking donations or funds from people for your non-profit organization. Keep in mind the important considerations and help from the best email marketing tools to get assistance. You can keep in touch with more of such interesting guide blogs in order to master the art of preparing a business proposal email.

Make sure that you state your brand impression clearly, and do not confuse the email recipients to believe that you are doing a good job. You mostly have their positive attention if you can connect with them through the subject line and the mail description.