No one would deny today that the market is somewhat saturated with online bingo games. There is both positive and negative elements to this fact. On the one hand, for us the consumers, this amount of competition means that the quality of the products is driven up. At the same time, those good games get buried in an ocean that can be hard to distinguish between. 

Knowing where to look, and what to look for, is not easy—but we’re here to make it a little bit easier today. Read on to find some of the best bingo games online today.

The Best Online Bingo Games

  • Dotty Bingo

One of the highest user rated bingo games on the web today, Dotty Bingo is definitely one of our biggest picks for the best online bingo games today. There are many ways to determine how good a bingo game is, but for our money, one of the simplest is user reviews. 

Dotty Bingo has received thousands of positive reviews through bingo sites like Trustedbingo, with players praising its design, variety of games and ease of use. 

Introductory offers are always a really important point to consider, too. With Dotty Bingo, you get a free £40 play with 100 free spins for your first deposit of £10. 

There’s something for everyone with Dotty Bingo, and the best part of all is that pretty much everyone who has played it agrees it’s one of the best out there. 

If you’re looking for a good all round bingo game, Dotty could be the one for you.

  • Paddypower Bingo

Another of the more recognisable names in the world of bingo and online betting, you know you’re getting quality when it comes to Paddypower. Again, with incredibly high user satisfaction, the players agree that Paddypower bingo is one of the best choices out there. 

Paddypower offer great variety in the games, too. You have the traditional bingo, as well as games like Rainbow Riches and even Deal or No Deal. However, you look at it, Paddypower Bingo keeps things really interesting. 

They offer an even better introductory offer than Dotty Bingo, with £50 in free bets as well the 100 free spins for a deposit of £10. This isn’t an offer to be missed, and if you want to take full advantage of these free offers, it’s always best to set up with multiple accounts. 

In any case, Paddypower is a great choice and definitely one of the best online bingo games out there.

  • Gala Bingo

Doubtless one of the most well known brands in online bingo, Gala have done a lot to earn their fantastic reputation. They have for years been a market leader, and this is reflected in their innovation and their commitment to their players. 


Once again with enormous user satisfaction with almost 6000 positive reviews online, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality game with Gala Bingo. 

With not £40, not £50, but £60 of free bingo when you deposit £10, this is the best introductory offer we’ve seen yet. Try it today—get £60 worth of potential winnings for only £10! 

Called ‘reassuringly familiar’ by some experts, Gala Bingo is often praised as being so much like the real thing. Like being in a real bingo hall. If that’s what you’re looking for out of online bingo, Gala is certainly a great choice for you. 

Again, there’s a reason they’ve led the market for years—they know what they are doing!

  • Foxy Bingo

While we may have mixed feelings about those old TV adverts Foxy Bingo used to run, we can definitely agree that it is one of the best online bingo games out there. Rated 8.6 out of 10 by a total of over 6500 users, Foxy, like Gala, has been a market leader for so long because they know their craft and their trade. 

Their furry mascot is instantly recognisable, and if Foxy have been good at one thing over the years, it’s been building this brand. Say what you like about their marketing, but everyone knows who they are. 

It’s hard to deny the quality of Foxy Bingo if you’re looking for a fresh way to play online bingo. They also have one of the highest introductory promotions on this list, with £50 of free play for a £10 deposit, as well as 100 free spins. 

Foxy Bingo is one of the best online bingo games out there without a doubt.

  • Robin Hood Bingo

Now, this one you may not have heard of straight away. They haven’t had much TV presence or a great deal of memorable marketing—but they certainly know how to make a great online bingo game. 

Harkening back to the idea of stealing from the rich to spread the money out amongst us is what they are invoking, and that’s a great idea—the aesthetics of the game are not to be missed! 

But they still provide a fantastic user experience as well. they have been rated at 8.3 by 4500 reviews, and though they don’t score as highly as some of the others on the list, they’re still a great game to add to your repertoire of online bingo games.

Their introductory offer is similar to Foxy Bingo’s, except with only 50 free spins instead of 100. That means, then, that you get £50 of free play on a £10 deposit, as well as 50 free spins. 

Robin Hood bingo is more of an up-and-comer, but we believe it has great potential to become even more. You don’t want to miss it.

We hope, then, that you’ll find a game in this list that you can enjoy as much as we have. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re looking for the best promotions, the best user ratings, interesting themes or aesthetics—whatever your tastes, one of these games will hold what you want. Try one of them out today, you won’t be disappointed.