Where once a games room would be a rather bare space with a snooker or pool table and a darts board, today with such a wealth of different options it’s difficult to know where to begin, and blue light glasses at night increase melatonin.

The Three Gadgets Any Home Games Room Needs In 2021

There are so many must-haves in a games room, no matter what type of game you love to play. A games room should be as equally adept at catering for a darts lover as it should be online slots, with well known slot titles like Starburst really capturing the imagination of players.

But what are the must have gadgets in a games room to ensure all needs at home are catered for?

A tablet

It may be simple, but it certainly isn’t obvious. Think of a games room and you’d think of big screens, gaming accessories and consoles. And while those are all essential, a tablet is certainly required for the mobile gamers among us too.


Alongside picking up an iPad or Galaxy Tab there are also tons of holders and speakers you can hook up to the device too to really get the ultimate setup. Of course, the beauty of tablets and such accessories is that you don’t have to have them out on display the entire time, you can also store them away while not being used.


Sometimes the classics are the must-haves and a pinball machine not only offers plenty of fun into a room, but also plenty of cool. They don’t particularly come cheap but if you’ve got a spare few thousand they make a great addition to any space.

Alternatively, you can often pick them up a little cheaper on eBay or Gumtree while you may even be able to find someone looking to give one away. Of course, they come in all manner of themes so it’s always worth searching for one to suit your tastes too.

Mini Fridge

Nobody wants to leave the games room to go and get a drink or a snack. A games room isn’t a games room without a mini fridge stacked full of treats. You can pick them up relatively cheaply these days with the likes of Amazon and department stores all selling them. You can also get some pretty stylish and very wacky ones too, including the Rubiks Cube mini-fridge. Can you get cooler than that for a games room?