Documents to prepare for employment in Australia

If you’re looking for your first job in Australia, it’s best to have all the required documents prepared before even going to a job interview. This will save you a lot of time, while also showing your potential employer that you are well-organized and pay attention to details, qualities virtually all employers want to see in a job applicant.

So, let’s have a look at the documents you will be asked to present.

Basic ID or proof of age

Naturally, the first thing you will need is your ID card, if only to verify that your name corresponds to that on any educational degree you’ll present. In case you’re under 21, you’ll need to present a Australian proof of age.

School degrees and training diplomas

If the job you’re applying for requires some sort of professional qualification, you’ll need to present the relevant school degree or training diploma. If you’re still studying, you’ll need to present proof of enrollment in an educational institution.Don’t forget about any apprenticeship or traineeship papers you might have.

Some companies might also require recommendation letters from at least one of your former teachers.

If your job requires any type of licence, like a driving licence or forklift licence, make sure to have that at hand.

Also, if your job requires you to be part of a professional organisation, bring proof of enrolment in that professional body.


Criminal record check

Some jobs mention police checks in their ad, while in other cases you might be asked about providing one at the job interview. You don’t have to take it personally. It’s got nothing to do with you. Many Australian businesses have integrated background checks in their pre-employment screening strategy.

The easiest way to get a police check is to order over the Internet using the services of an online character check agency like which only takes a few minutes to fill in the form and you’ll have your police check sent to your email in just 2-3 days. You can print the document or forward it to your potential employer.

Keep in mind that certain jobs where you interact with children will require an extensive background check and a special Working With Children permit. A similar permit will be required if you’re going to work in an establishment that provides assistance to the elderly or disabled people.

Visa and work permit

If you’re not an Australian national, you will be asked to present your visa and work permit. If you’re planning to backpack around Australia and look for work here and there, make sure you get a Work Holiday visa.

Bank and tax file documents

When you get a new job, you need to give your employers all the details they’ll need to pay your wages. In most cases, you’ll be required to provide a bank account number. You’ll also have to provide a tax file number declaration form and a superannuation choice form. That’s the bad part about making money, you need to pay taxes.