The Most Useful Shortcuts on Google Chrome

It’s clear that keyboard shortcuts are immensely useful whenever we are working on our computer. However, the same thing is applicable when you are using Google Chrome. The Google application consists of some great and useful shortcuts that will allow you to speed up whatever that you are doing.

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Let’s quickly share with you some of the useful shortcuts available on Google Chrome. We believe you have work to do and they will surely be helpful.

Searching for text on the page (CTRL + F)

If you are using Windows then the CTRL + F are the keys you can enter if you want to search for text through the browser. This is one of the most used functions, it permits you to search for certain keywords on any text that will be shown on search engines or on any document.


All you need to do is to enter the key and type the word you are looking for within that text or document. And by so doing you will never go wrong whatsoever.

Make everything on the page bigger or smaller (CTR + – or +)

It’s not everyone who fancy the default font size that might be on the screen. Therefore, it’s a good thing that with Google Chrome you will be able to adjust the screen size according to what you want. If you have short sight, then you are allowed to increase with the mentioned shortcut. In addition, not only can you adjust the text but you can do the same for the images that you might not be seeing clearly especially when you are playing machine a sous (online slots).

Print the current page

You might be having interest in printing some information you might have found online or offline. All you need to do is to enter the CTRL + P then you will be good to go. The page preview will then appear promptly and your copy will be ready for printing.