What is PUBG? The Beginning of the Golden Age, a famous Battle Royale game

Battle Royale was invented by Brendan Greene, who goes by the name ‘PlayerUnknown’. He was initially known as a mod maker in DayZ games before he himself had. The efforts to develop it go further. And noted that players who play FPS games well often they like to play in small areas or maps so they can recognize angles. Or the easiest point to gain advantage when playing and makes that talent concentrated in the same old and monotonous form.Personally, he wanted a different game and new ways and tutorials to play all the time.

Coinciding with that same time period, he also watched a DayZ event called Survivor GameZ, which features a fight to leave only one winner. And quite exactly what he thought of the concept, he enlarged the map with a random spawn point. And in the matter of random weapon scatter everywhere, this story was inspired by the Hunger Games movie that had weapons in the middle of the map, but he chose to spread them everywhere to keep the story. Copyright and variety of play with


PUBG is a relatively new game that has only recently been born, giving it a relatively similar gameplay method that we have known before. By playing it will be a team of 4 or will come in pairs. Or individually, in which one match will consist of a total of 100 players and will go down on the map with barebones before we have to go out and find various equipment to add to ourselves In addition to this, there will be a set of indicators, a ‘band’, that will continue to squeeze in to force the players to fight each other to find out who or which group will be the last survivor.

Of course, as it is a new game, there is not much difference when it comes to the Battle Royale genre, but it is more of a pioneer for the younger generation, whether it is an Air Drop system with special items Always come and players tend to compete or the Red Zone system where players have to hide in the house or leave the area to avoid getting a potentially lethal bomb just hit once. Which the chance of being hit is not very high and if anyone gets hit, it must be said that the luck is very bad

The game can be because at the moment they are still a very popular game in almost Asia, both Thailand, China and the hardest that is India itself.

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