How to Improve the SEO Ranking of Your Website

Do you sometimes sit back and wonder where your website traffic is coming from and how you may be able to increase it to ensure your products or services are receiving the attention they deserve? If you strongly depend on people Googling you and finding your site, the search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be at the top of your list of priorities.

When we doing custom website application development services we usually consider all important things one is search engine optimization. If you think that the chance of your website coming on top is just like gambling, you’re wrong! There’s definitely an algorithm which decides how the search results will be ranked. But, just like betting, you need to know what you are doing. And if you’re into online betting, you can check out Mr. Spin Free Spins to win the chance to get some amazing promo codes.

SEO not only helps to generate the best leads for your business but will also ensure you receive the good number of clicks when people google your brand, peer products or services etc. If nobody can find you, your business is likely to sink. Not to forget, almost 93% of internet experience begins with a search engine and it is only when they search that they can find you.

The top results of Google have almost 33% chance of being clicked and that in turn means that unless you are in the top most position, you lose almost one third of your potential customers. 75% people do not even click the second option.

Fortunately, it is not too late to work on your SEO. We have successfully identified a few imperative tactics to ensure a rise in your website’s SEO ranking. These are listed below:

  1. Work on your webpage’s loading speed

This is extremely essential because of several reasons. To start with, if your site pages take too long to load, Google will identify this and it will automatically jeopardize your ranking. Second, which visitor likes to engage in pages that test their patience and take forever to load? The visitor abandonment rate is likely to shoot up with increased loading speeds.

You must be wondering what is ‘too slow’. Well, on an average anything longer than 3 seconds loading time is terrible. Google’s algorithm will recognize your site popularity if it loads fast and people keep visiting back the pages. This will accommodate your ranking accordingly.


  1. Keep an eye out for the quality of the content

Keeping your website up to date is indispensable. This directly affects SEO ranks. To encourage visitors to keep coming back to your site, you need to give them good reasons and your content will make it possible. The best quality, most recent and relevant contents draw more traffic.

Another key factor is the dwell- time, which is basically the time people spend on your website in every visit. This also affects the SEO ranking. If you have interesting and fresh contents in your site, you can improve the dwell time. Websites with highly informative content are prone to have longer dwell times.

Furthermore, if users start to bookmark your website in Google Chrome, the leading internet browser in the market of today, your SEO rank is likely to shoot up.

Keyword use is another huge plus in this regard. Using easy, natural and user-friendly words, will make sure your site appear more frequently in the search results. Repeat the keywords and keyword phrases without overdoing it. Do not forget to use bold, italics and heading tags to highlight these keyword phrases. In all of these, remember that you are writing for the user, not for search engines.

  1. Optimize the images in your site

The use of images is essential for websites. However, you must ensure that they are optimized well to have higher SEO rankings. By this, we mean the size and the format of the files. Huge images will require larger loading times. Resize, compress and make them smaller to boost your rank. You may also choose to use keywords in naming those images.

  1. Usage of outbound links

At the end of the day, you need to increase the credibility of your site. This can be done by backing up the content that you have put in there. Support all your data with trustworthy and authoritative sources. For facts, use the correct citations and make sure all the information are recent.

Bottom Line

Concentrating on your SEO rank is not a one- time practice. You need to start now and keep doing it throughout your journey in order to hold on to your traffic. The aforementioned tactics are the 4 most important ways to improve the SEO rank in your site and if you regularly try to keep these in check, you will soon make it and be able to stay in the top of the Google results. For this, stick to regular monitoring of your results.