At some point, we all need to upgrade our old PCs. Whether it’s because they’re not as fast as they used to be, they struggle with more intensive tasks, or otherwise can’t keep up with modern demands, the result is the same. Their age doesn’t necessarily confine them to the graveyard of computer parts, however. With a little work, you might be surprised at just how far you can extend the gaming lifespan of an older PC.

Realistic Expectations

Before starting on this path, users need to understand that the most up-to-date experiences on older PCs are usually no longer an option, but this is not always the case. For an example of this, there are online casino systems today like those at These are both modern and, due to their low requirements, run well on older or less powerful devices. From browsing the websites to collecting bonuses and playing the games themselves, age shouldn’t be an issue here. Due to how competitive this industry is sites such as this help pick out the highlights.

For more traditional PC games, a better idea can be found by turning the clock back. While we can tend to think of PC gaming in modern terms, newer players would be remiss to forget about the decades of fantastic experiences that brought us to this point. Classics, as they say, are classics for a reason.

How to Bring Gaming to an Ageing PC
IBM PS/2 Model 60 Pizza” (Public Domain) by phreakindee

Getting Started

The first step in converting an old computer into a dedicated older gaming rig is to format the hard drive, after you backup anything you need onto the internet or an external drive. This will delete everything, including your operating system, so be sure to have your OS install disk handy. If you lost your original copy, cheap and legal keys can be found on key selling websites. Aside from just freeing up space, formatting will also remove the software bloat that affects our devices over time. You should notice a decreased boot time after a format, which will be indicative of this change.


Installing drivers

The next step in getting your computer in working order it to update all of its drivers. Without these, your components won’t know how to properly communicate, so this step is crucial. Driver updates can be performed manually, but it’s much easier to rely on automatic programs like those at Once these are all complete, restart the computer.

Finding Your Games

If you want to go for the above online casino route, then finding games should be no issue. For older games, there are a couple of main routes available. The first is by simply buying older games from online stores like GOG or Steam. As long as you find games from when or before you bought your computer, there shouldn’t be much of an issue getting these to run. Ever for much older games, which would otherwise require special setup, the host platforms will usually perform the work through programs like DOSBox.

Another possible route could be found through emulating game consoles. For this, we would recommend the RetroArch program as detailed at As a greater framework, this program easily allows users to manage dozens of different systems, called cores, and run games easily. As for finding the games, this can be done by searching for game ROM files, just be sure you own a physical copy of the game first to keep everything above board.

And with those simple steps, you could be well on your way. Other than this, players might also consider some new input devices like controllers or a new keyboard if yours are ageing. It can also be a good idea to clean your case out with compressed air if it’s full of dust. With this, you’re ready to dive right in. Good luck, and happy gaming.