An AdWords management agent can make or break your business. Here’s how.

Not all small businesses have the budget to invest in a large-scale digital marketing campaign through a big agency. With this in mind, choosing the right activities to focus on with your limited budget is crucial, and can make or break your firm’s success.

One of the most vital marketing activities that modern businesses can do is setting up effective AdWords campaigns. These types of campaign have distinct advantages that other forms of marketing cannot compete with.

You can invest small amounts of budget and see the results before you continue. You can also laser target your budget on the right audience to buy from your business. This is not always possible with other forms of advertising.

Finding your Google AdWords management company

Having made the decision to launch your AdWords campaign, the next job is to recruit an expert to help you optimize your Ads. With so many agencies and consultants out there, understanding how to qualify their skills and capabilities is important. There are definitely some agencies better than others, and while some may be bigger and better, it is more important to find the right fit.

Understanding whether you will be able to work with your chosen AdWords PPC management services is vital, because you do not just leave them to get on with it. It needs to be a partnership to create, optimize and review your campaigns, and keep repeating this cycle for success.


Analyzing your return on investment

Assessing the return on investment of Google AdWords campaigns may not all about the number of clicks and impressions. While it may be a company selling a volume product online, for a software development firm for example, the goals may be distinctly different.

Firms like this can reap large rewards from a small number of well-targeted leads. For firms like this, it is more about the quality than the quantity.

Another reason it is important to find an agency that is a true partner to your firm is the need to test and tweak your campaigns on an almost permanent basis. An effective way to do this is by using A/B testing. This helps you to analyze your copy, ads, and timings in order to optimize things in the best possible way.

A/B testing offers a simple way to try the same content on different days and times, and to analyze the different results. You can also tweak the content and send it on the same day and time. Doing so gives you invaluable data about when your audience are most engaged, and when to schedule your ads and focus your budget.
You and your AdWords management agency can use this information to plan your budgets, bid levels on particular keywords, and schedule your overall campaigns. You can also optimize your landing pages for conversion rates once people land on your site.

Google AdWords can be a great addition to your existing marketing efforts – if setup and optimized correctly. Recruiting a good agency takes a bit of time, patience, and onboarding, and you will be perfectly placed to jump ahead of your competitors!