The Benefits of Corporate Videos for your Marketing Campaign

Video is playing an increasingly crucial role in company’s marketing strategies, and animated video forms a big part of that approach. In this article, we look at the benefits of these kinds of videos, and where to start with producing one.

Choose your agency

As the explainer video market grows more and more, the options for agencies to produce the corporate videos grows and grows along with it. But getting your voice heard through video is only possible with the right quality of end product – and for that you need to ensure that you hire the right quality of agency.

To start considering this, think about the goal of a corporate video. The objective is to engage your potential customers to watch it, and then once they are doing so, to provide them with sufficient information to take a positive action towards buying your product or service. And all this needs to be achieved in a short space of time – around one minute.

What styles work best?

One of the beauties of animated video is that you can fuse eye-catching graphics with facts, and present them all in an appealing style. A character is a good way of bringing your brand to life – this could be animating one of your staff members such as the CEO or other senior leaders. Alternatively (or in addition) you could also create an animated demo of your product to bring it to life and entertain your viewers at the same time.


Protect your brand

Even as abstract as animated video can (and in some ways, should) be, it’s crucial to ensure that it still reflects your brand and tone in the same way that your written content does – brand consistency is still very important. Your chosen agency should be able to form an understanding of your value proposition and adhere to its look and feel across the video.

What’s the story?

Give careful consideration to the story that you want your video to tell. Are you aiming for high level brand awareness for your company, or to provide more specific information into a product or service it provides? Either way, be clear on your objective to ensure that your video meets your objectives and provides an informative experience to the viewer.

Don’t be daunted

While getting over the hump of setting out with animation videos, choosing the right production company and content are huge factors – and if you can get them right, the rest will follow much more easily. It’s about informing your audience with information you want them to know, and grabbing their attention and keeping them entertained as you do so. Video is a great format for achieving these somewhat competing goals.

How long?

In a study of the audience engagement of over 500,000 videos, the best engagement rates were on videos a maximum of two minutes long – these videos solicited an engagement score of 70%. Perhaps the most interesting finding of the study was that 30 second videos had almost the same engagement rate as two minute videos, meaning that if your content is sufficiently engaging, take the opportunity to take that little bit longer to tell people about it.