People Who Invented and Innovated in Technology

There are people who have made the most incredible inventions that are very important in our everyday life. Without the inventions that these people made, some of the technological advancement that we have to date would not have been possible. Here are the people who innovated and invented in technology.

Douglas Engelbart

Engelbart played a huge role in the invention of the mouse. Engelbart together with his lead engineer at the Stanford Research Institute named Bill English invented the first model of a mouse. The mouse is still very useful in so many people’s everyday lives although some are now opting for touch screens. Engelbart also had another invention that was larger than the mouse, this was the oN-Line System.

Norman Abramson

Abramson designed and developed the first wireless local area network which also works well with casino games also known as jeux casino in French. He designed it while he was at the University of Hawaii.


Jack Nilles

Nilles defined and promoted the concept of telework. Thankos to him work cannot be done only in the confines of an office. He worked with a team at the University of Southern California in this project.

Marty Cooper

His invention of the Motorola DynaTAC gave way to the invention of the modern day smartphone. Before he invented the Motorola DynaTAC, people used telephones tethered to the wall.

Gerald A Lawson

If you are a fan of video games, you have to thank this man. Lawson created the first cartridge-based video game system. His invention gave way to the advancement of the current video game industry. You can visit best South African online casinos to learn more about casino games.

Nathaniel Borenstein

Borenstein invented the e-mail attachment. It is an easy way to store your things as well as sending things to others. His invention remains popular despite the fact that there are other methods that were developed to send files.

Robert Metcalfe

Robert Metcalfe created the Ethernet. He learned from Abramson’s invention of the wireless network and applied it to his work at Xerox. The Ethernet has since grown from the time that he invented it.