How to Effectively Advertise Your Business on a Small Budget

Following on from the introduction of remote working and e-commerce into the business landscape, it is now easier than ever before for people to create their own independent company. You don’t need to rent premises to offer your products and services to people anymore – you can simply do everything online from the comfort of your own home. This means that even those without a huge amount of financial backing can become self-employed. However, then comes the issue of advertising. You need to market your business because otherwise it’ll get lost on the internet and customers won’t be aware of its existence. Many entrepreneurs worry they don’t have enough money to pay for advertising, though. Thankfully, digital marketing really doesn’t cost that much at all nowadays. Not if you follow the tips and tricks that we’ve collated in our article today. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Social Media

It doesn’t cost a single dime for businesses to create an account on social media. What’s even better about these platforms is that they are an incredibly effective way to advertise your company to a wider audience.

business through social media

For starters, you will need to create your professional social media accounts. Begin with the Golden Trio: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is an excellent platform for e-commerce because it has a marketplace and there’s no limit on the content that you can post. However, it is slightly more difficult to get noticed.

Twitter, on the other hand, is great for making a large number of impressions and networking with fellow workers in your industry. Meanwhile, Instagram is the perfect platform for businesses with visual marketing content to share, plus for those whose products are considered ‘aesthetically pleasing’. LinkedIn is another great form of social media, as it allows you to network on a professional level and access the relevant contacts in your industry.

If you’re wondering how to optimise the efficiency of your marketing campaigns on social media, here are a few tips. Ensure your content is always newsworthy and interesting. If you wouldn’t engage with what you’ve posted, why would your audience? We also recommend using hashtags with keywords relevant to your business, as these will help your posts reach their intended demographic. As an example, a handmade jewellery company might hashtag their latest Instagram post with the words ‘bespoke earrings’.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the digital version of postal marketing, except it is considerably more successful and easier to track the efficiency of. Young entrepreneurs tend to overlook the importance of email marketing or feel that it might be too difficult and expensive to conduct effectively.

business through email marketing


Fortunately, with software for free email marketing being readily available to download nowadays, this is no longer the case. Small businesses can send up to 9000 emails per month with this free service. What’s also brilliant about using email marketing software is that it provides people with templates to create more professional looking messages to send out to customers. For those worried about bombarding their clients with spam, don’t worry. Email software is much more sophisticated nowadays, able to segment contacts and thereby only message people when the news is relevant.

If you’re wondering how exactly to go about creating an email marketing campaign, here are some tips and tricks for you. Firstly, email newsletters are a brilliant idea. Not only are they a good way to keep customers up to date with the company’s latest news but they also build brand loyalty. Secondly, make sure to write a good subject line. This is essentially the headline of an email and so must be intriguing enough to compel people to open the message.

Finally, only contact your clients/customers when you have newsworthy information which is relevant to them. For example, have any products that they’re interested in come on sale? Email marketing software can ensure these tailored messages are automatically sent to the relevant customers, so you are able to chase up sales without bothering anyone.


There’s a reason why everyone always talks about blogging – because it’s effective. It’s also relatively inexpensive to do. All you need to do is add another page to your business website which can be exclusively reserved for documenting your blogs. From here, start writing.

business through blogging

If you’re wondering what exactly to write about, here are a few suggestions. It’s important to create blog content which is relevant to the industry you are in. So, television manufacturers might write about the best movies which have recently been released on DVD, then link back to their product. Next, your blog needs to be topical. Write about things that are newsworthy or relevant to current events. You should also use lots of keywords which are related to your business. You’ll find out why this is important in a moment.

The main purpose of blogging is to deliver information. It also must be subtly persuasive without misleading people. Discerning customers always want to know more about a product or service before buying into it – your blogs must tailor to them. If these customers can’t find the information that they need from your blogs, they will simply click away.

However, blogging isn’t just about delivering information and driving sales. It can also be implemented for search engine optimisation. This is another form of digital marketing which focuses on increasing the visibility of your business online, so when customers search the internet for a certain product or service, they are more likely to find your company. SEO can be improved by blogging if you use certain keywords in your article (as we mentioned before). For instance, carpet fitters might use the phrase ‘high-quality carpets’ several times when blogging. Therefore, thanks to blogs, small businesses can effectively market themselves without spending loads of money.

We hope you have found this article useful. You don’t need a huge budget for advertising nowadays – just an understanding of how digital marketing works and what cost-effective options are available to you.