Intra, FireChat and VPN: the applications to combat censorship in Venezuela

The recent censorship imposed on the use of specific websites and applications on the internet has created a massive storm in Venezuela. Though the censorship is still struggling to get it’s final and full form still the impact is heavy on its citizen. People are criticizing the government and some of the people are thinking that their civil right has been hampered to a certain extent. This statement can be countered in two ways. First of all, blocking up the popular social media site is a wise decision since people are wasting a huge amount of time and getting lazy. On the contrary, these social media platform provides a powerful solution to turn the wheel of the economy. So, it depends greatly on the user’s end how they are going to take this action into considering.

Finding the alternative

Just because the government has blocked the VPN doesn’t mean you won’t be allowed to get access to the blocked contents. The blocked websites can be accessed with a great level of ease with the help of alternative links or mirror websites. As you search for the mirror links you will be able to find many solutions. People who are good at analyzing the essential metrics on the internet can easily find mirror links. If this problem stays for a few months, you can expect the companies to take steps to create alternative mirror links. These alternative mirror links will again give access to blocked websites.


Use a premium VPN

You can start using the premium VPN to access blocked content in an undetectable way. The more you learn about the VPN the better you will become in using it. You can use a VPN on both devices so that you don’t have to worry about the blocked content in multiple devices. You might be wondering that the VPN service is blocked and how you can use it. Well, you can use the VPN in an undetectable way and this should offer a powerful solution. Most of the VPN service providers are well known for this censorship issue and they are working very hard to that they can provide solutions to their clients. Some of the leading VPN service providers have managed to offer the perfect solution. You can use the trial version of their app and see how it works. If you feel satisfied with the offered service, you will be able to enjoy the premium contents of the blocked sites without having any issue. Some of the VPN is designed to work well for the special media platform. You can try those VPN and find a decent solution to this problem.

Use a proxy server

If the government keeps on imposing such restrictions, the users can always use the proxy server. No one can block the proxy servers. If the government take multiple actions to block the proxy servers, the users can easily find other proxy server address that will provide a powerful solution to their users. Setting up the proxy server in a manual way is a very tough task. If you do things in the wrong way, you won’t be able to get a perfect speed. Some of the users often say that the proxy server is failing to load the websites. This is a very common issue but you can solve this issue by taking advantage of the paid proxy server. The more you will search with a proxy server, the better chance you will have to overcome the problem.

Take your time and study the internet protocol so that you can tune the settings in the right manner. Many citizens in Venezuela are taking advantage of the proxy server and enjoy flawless information on the internet. So, don’t get panicked if the government imposes strict sets of rules on using the internet. You have to take some clever steps and you can bypass all the issues without having any trouble. So, stay tuned with government issues and learn to use the internet in an advanced way.