What You Need to Know About IP Address

If you have been receiving harassment messages from unknown people on the internet and you do not know what to do, authorities can help you.  They do so by finding the unknown people’s IP addresses.  All your activities on the internet can be traced back to you through the IP address. Here is what you need to know about the IP address and how you can use it for online casino games, also known as jeux en ligne de casino in French.

What Is An IP Address

An IP address is short for Internet Protocol address. It is a distinctive identifier for your computer or the device that you use to access the internet.  All smartphones, Computers, and tablets have an IP address. These IP addresses are different, they are just like fingerprints. The Internet Assigned Numbers (IANA) Authority sets IP addresses. There are two primary IP addresses that are used. These include IP version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6 (IPv6.  The IP version 4 has been In existence since 1983, it is still common. The IP version 4 has 32-bit nu7mbers that are expressed in four octets which are separated in dotted decimal notation.


The Internet Vs External IP Address

Your internet service provider assigns you an IP address. It is a digital address to your router interface. Your router provides your devices with internet access and each of the devices that you use will have its own IP address.

What is a VPN

A  Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used when one wants to keep their external IP address private. The VPN covers your external IP address by giving you a new one that is not tied to your internet service provider. Companies can also give employees a corporate VPN in order to protect company data and its network. You can use VPN to visit real money online casinos from any country if you want if casinos are blocked in your country.

How to Find Your IP Address

You can navigate to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet settings to find your IP address. You can do this on any device. Different devices have different ways that you can find the IP Address.