Baccarat and Blackjack are the two most popular games in the casino. Because of the simplicity of these two games, many players are drawn to land-based casinos. However, because of the rapid growth of online casinos, players started to get confused about which to play since both of these games are accessible. Some players find Blackjack an incredibly profitable match, while others prefer baccarat online because of its simplicity but lack real excitement challenge. So, which one to choose?

Why Baccarat Is Better Than Blackjack

Pros of playing Baccarat Over Playing Blackjack

Baccarat is a game of nobility. It has grown its popularity not only in Las Vegas but also in Asia. Its simple rules make it the number one favorite game. The house odds of a typical Baccarat table consists of 1. 01% and 1. 24%. Baccarat is well-known for its advantages over Blackjack.


Of all the card games, Baccarat is known to be the simplest. You only need to know how to add numbers; no special skills are required. Thus, this game is merely based on luck. Take a risk, and you may lose or win. The rules of Baccarat needs no rocket science mind to understand it. If you know how to add digits, you are in.

No Thinking Strategy

Since the game is just simple, it is not necessary to think of the strategies to beat the odds. Place your bet and open your cards to count the numbers. If you fall short from the average eight or nine scores, get another card and add the total of the previous cards. When your score is higher than the banker, you will win, and if it’s lower, you will lose. The game is straightforward, no need to burn the midnight oil thinking of the strategies that really don’t work.

Time Saver

Compared to other cards such as poker, Baccarat is quicker to finish. You can play the game shorter than the rest. Card dealing is swift, no waiting for too long for the player to make a move.

Equal Footing

Since the game does not involve special skills, you are assured that you are in an equal footing like your competitor. So, it does not matter if your competitor is a skilled gambler. You can be confident like a professional.

Best Game

Baccarat is safer than Blackjack because you have to choose from the three options to make a bet. Either you bet on the banker, the player, or on a tie. However, chances on a tie are negligible, so you will end up betting for either the banker or the player. The odds of winning are high. Some other games have many choices to bet on, so the probability of losing is also high. You get a 50% chance of winning or losing. Drawing another card can improve the chance of winning.


Probability of Winning

The possibility of winning from Baccarat excluding ties is 50.68% on the banker and 49.32% on the part of the player. Excluding a tie, the House Edge for the banker is 1.17% while 1.36% for the player.

Blackjack Winning Odds Against Baccarat Winning Odds

The Blackjack winning odds against the Baccarat is something that players take into consideration when playing these two games. Let’s start with the mathematical advantage. Blackjack usually offers a house edge of 1% over the player. You will lose an average amount of $1 in every $100 that you bet. It is assuming that you are using the correct basic strategy in making a decision. So, if you are an unskilled player, you may make a wrong decision in an hour that will cause you to lose about 2 to 4 percent of your bet. However, you can still use the advantage of gambling techniques. It is still a potential pro in Blackjack.

Increase the Bet

First, you cannot change the amount of bet after knowing whether you will lose or win. Since it is impossible to pull at the Blackjack table, increase the size of your bet when you see the Blackjack. But mind you, if you get caught you will be in trouble.

Mark the Cards

Mark the cards using your sharp fingernail if you can see some of the cards. Surely, you will get a mathematical edge. You are less likely to be caught here, but it is not a good idea.

Count the Cards

Thirdly, counting the cards is a well-known advantage in Blackjack. There is no need for you to track which cards are played and which ones are on the deck. Just track the ratio, which will approximately be high or low cards. The ‘natural’ in the Blackjack pays 3 to 2. Once all the aces are eliminated from the deck, you will not be able to get the natural that will tilt the odds in favor of the casinos, and the same is true if cards 10 were out. However, if you try to remove the cards in the deck other than the aces and the 10s, you will have a chance to deal with natural tilting odds.

A glimpse at the Card

Hole carding is a technique you can use by doing a glimpse to the card that must be out of your sight. In Nevada, this is legal for as long as the player seats appropriately in place.

Where to Shift from Playing Blackjack to Playing Baccarat

There are top sites you can play from Blackjack to Baccarat. You can play on one of the most reputable casino casinos like 918kiss and SCR888. New players get some bonus and free spin, and the Baccarat games available range from four to seven.