Five Great Gambling Podcasts

How many of you have always wanted to be good at gambling, but have never taken the time to find out how it all works? We imagine that applies to quite a few of you. We all know that professional poker players make millions of dollars. We also know that professional sports bettors win more than they lose every weekend. You can’t win at poker without knowing how to play cards, though, and you can’t win at sports betting unless you know how to interpret a form guide. These are skills that have to be acquired, and it’s not always easy to know where to turn. 

There are other forms of gambling that are easier to get involved in if you have a little knowledge, too. Take online slots as an example. You probably know that online spots largely pay out at random, but what makes one UK slots casino better than another? How should you interpret the Return-To-Player ratio of an online slots game? Would you have a better chance of making money from a game with five fixed paylines, or a game with thousands of different ways to win? The outcome might be random with online slots, but the terminology and technical knowledge that applies to them is essential to know if you plan to win. 

In the past, you’d either have to learn these games through hands-on experience or read about them in a book – but we live in the 2020s now, and there’s no need to rely on such antiquated methods! Several successful gambling experts now have podcasts in which they share their knowledge, and these are five of the best that we’re currently aware of. If you want to find out how to play or hone your existing knowledge, these are the podcasts you’ll want to tune in to!

The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast

The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast

Having a name you can trust is important when it comes to choosing who to listen to on gambling matters, and when it comes to sports betting, the Action Network is one of the biggest players in the game. If that isn’t enough for you on its own, this podcast has been named as the best betting podcast by the Fantasy Sports and Gaming association. That’s a seal of endorsement that doesn’t come easily, so you can bet (sorry about the pun) that this is a podcast that has a lot of happy listeners. Various different sports, fixtures, odds, and betting strategies are broken down every week by experts like Matthew Freedman, and so long as you’re happy to accept that you won’t win every single time, you should find yourself becoming a sports betting expert in no time. 

Gambling With An Edge


Sports betting isn’t for everybody – especially if you have no interest in sports – and so you might prefer to focus on other forms of gambling instead. With that in mind, you could do a lot worse than check out the ‘Gambling With An Edge’ podcast by Richard Munchkin, which has been airing four new episodes every week since 2011. Munchkin is a professional gambler and wrote the book ‘Gambling With An Edge’ to help people understand the basic principles of casino strategy. He gives away several of the tips from his book on the podcast and also welcomes experts onto the show every week to give their own perspectives, hints, and tips. Their aim is a simple one – they aim to make every listener a better gambler than they were before they listened to their first podcast, one episode at a time. 

Gamble On

This is another weekly gambling podcast series, hosted by John Brennan and Eric Raskin in partnership with the website Every single form of legal betting is covered within the podcast, so you might get advice on sports betting one week, and the complex math that goes into making successful roulette bets the next week. The hosts will talk you through the differences between online strategy and offline strategy, and also call open guests to share some winning tactics of their own. This is a news show as much as it is an advice show, you’ll also find out all about the latest developments in the world of gambling while you’re listening. 

Against All Odds

You’ll probably have seen the host of this podcast before. It’s ‘Cousin Sal,’ and he’s a regular contributor to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ Even if you’re not a Kimmel fan, you might have encountered him hosting ‘Cousin Sal’s sure thing. ‘Cousin Sal’ is actually Sal Iacono, and he’s a knowledgeable figure when it comes to sports betting. You might occasionally get advice on other forms of gambling, but sports betting is his focus, and he includes sports that others don’t touch, including boxing and UFC. This is one of the most entertaining gambling-themed podcasts we’ve ever come across, and no episode is complete without a hair-raising tale of excess from one of Sal’s special celebrity guests!

Vegas Confessions

Vegas Confessions

Sometimes, finding out what not to do is just as important as finding out what you should be doing. As fun as gambling can be, it can also be nightmarish if you don’t know when to stop or you don’t understand what you’re doing. For some of the most eye-opening tails of bad gambling conduct or badly-placed bets you’ll ever hear, check out the Vegas Confessions podcast. It still includes tips and advice, but it’s about gambling lifestyle just as much as it’s about gambling theory. Casino owners often take part in the show to tell you about the most shocking incidents they’ve ever seen, and people who’ve lost big bets share stories of where they went wrong, and what they should have done instead. There’s a lot of humor in with the horror, and it’s an entertaining twice-monthly listen. 

Just hearing about how to gamble isn’t the same as trying it out for yourself, but knowledge is power, and this combination of podcasts should provide you with all the knowledge you need to feel powerful the first time you sit at a table. As with all things gambling-related, you’ll need to be lucky- but by taking this advice on board, you might be able to make your own luck!