Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum for making maximum profit

Today a bitcoin, which is a unit of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, is worth $ 14,600. Five years ago, it was worth about 13: it means that its value has increased over 1,100 times. But the exponential increase in the value of bitcoins has not been gradual, as the recent new interest of the international media has shown: in fact, just a year ago, a bitcoin was worth about 850 dollars. 

Trend Force’s smart manufacturing analysts highlighted that global semiconductor foundry revenue reached $ 57.3 billion in 2019, an increase of 7.1% over 2018, marking the fifth consecutive year with a growth rate above 5%. The bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining sector is becoming one of the largest consumers of computational power. Mining operations – upstream of the key blockchain process – require the high-performance chip processing power that Tsmc develops for companies such as Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, which in turn have benefited from the boom in virtual coins globally.

Whoever has the most computing power usually manages first to validate the blockchain transaction block and then to win the prize in digital currency.

The limit of this currency is linked to information technology, and therefore to the software, on which it relies: the older version of Blockchain allows the exchange of currencies only.

This virtual currency was born thanks to a fundraiser, the ICO which literally means “initial money supply”. Ethereum, in addition to being a virtual currency, is an exchange platform and, as such, uses the most updated Blockchain technology, so as to protect users’ economic transactions. Ethereum’s innovation lies in having implemented the possibility of creating smart contracts, also called automatic contracts. The success of the first two cryptocurrencies led to the emergence of other cryptocurrencies, all interesting among them. And when the supply grows, the demand grows, 

We come to bitcoins. Bitcoins are a digital currency that users keep in virtual wallets, and they can be used to make payments to shops or companies that accept them (there are), to transfer money to other users, or they can simply be stored hoping that they increase in value. 


How Bitcoin Transactions Work

Every Bitcoin user is connected with everyone else and has a copy of a sort of ledger – that is, a document containing all the accounts of an accounting system – called a blockchain. The blockchain records all transactions of all users ever since Bitcoin was born, is one of the best platforms for the trading of bitcoin

Buy Ethereum with VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit card

Buy Ethereum with VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit card

Buying Ethereum with a credit or debit card is one of the options if you are looking for immediacy. This system will allow you to buy in real time, as long as you use a trusted broker. If there is something that you should remember, it is that in trading variations can occur in seconds. Professional people can consider this possibility to take advantage of the peaks and valleys in the listing.

What we do have to say, for you to value it, is that this system has slightly higher costs than per transfer. Therefore, I recommend that it is a method that you use occasionally and that it is to make an immediate purchase. It is best to negotiate possibilities for the commission to be lower, in exchange for having a permanent available amount.

Buy Ethereum with transfer in Euros dollars

The purchase by transfer is another possibility that you can consider. Of course, make sure of the conditions that your financial institution has for this service and the terms. There are banks that require some prior procedures, so you are interested in having this issue resolved beforehand. The truth is that, if you keep this issue in mind, you can streamline the purchasing process.

Normally, the term for the order to be made is between 24 and 48 hours. It is evident that, in this period, there may be a change in prices. Of course, transfers are free if they are made within the European Union (SEPA). And if you ever have an emergency, there is SEPA Instant Credit Transfer.