How Bitcoins work and, in fact, what are they?

The Bitcoin is the currency of the future, at least according to some, and their prices are increasingly a subject of interest and speculation. Bitcoin is a virtual currency, the most famous in circulation.

The cryptocurrency, which is just one of many present today, has as its strength a complex cross between privacy and technological innovation.

Bitcoins do not exist concretely, there is no body that controls their diffusion, but they are limited to being a currency present at the computer level.

The creation of Bitcoins is associated with the resolution of very complex calculation processes, a method that regulates their progress and growth according to predictable patterns.

What are Bitcoins in actual

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that has become popular worldwide. These days it is popular because of percentage of profit is very high in case of the bitcoin.  The idea behind Bitcoins is to create a currency independent of any type of authority that allows you to make electronic payments globally without checks, instantly and anonymously.

Precisely for this reason, the currency has been banned in China and Japan and in many other countries the effects of this new means of payment are feared. Bitcoins have value and are exchanged between the parties.

Bitcoins cannot be counterfeited. It is so intensive and computationally difficult to create a Bitcoin, which is not economically convenient for counterfeiters to manipulate the system.

The miners are holding the public registers that define the criteria for creating Bitcoin; they are paid for their work by receiving new Bitcoins for each week they contribute to the network.

The mining is a free activity that anyone can play and produces Bitcoin, increasing the total number in the world.

Basically you have to be able, through algorithms, to make sure that the payment takes place and that the money does not become double.

Initially anyone could participate in this production activity. Now the increase in the difficulty of calculation allows participation only for those who have specialized hardware.


The network that manages the payment methods is the same one you participate in to produce Bitcoin: through the mining activity, a huge electronic computing power is used in order to decrypt the algorithms underlying the bitcoins in order to generate new money, distributed to the calculation agents according to the contribution offered by each.

How to open a Bitcoin account

How to open a Bitcoin account

Before seeing the advantages and disadvantages of this type of currency, let’s find out how you can open an account of this type and if it is a possible operation for everyone. To open account, one can take help of online sites.  There are many platforms which offer free account option for the bitcoin trading.  For startup one can take help of these platforms. If you are not new in the world of bitcoin one can use the paid account for the bitcoin. Subscription cost for the bitcoin account is not very high. One can easily afford it, if want to start trading with small amount. 

The first step is to have software that can support the file wallet. There are many choices that can be made in this regard, each suited to the needs of those who open the account at

Cryptocurrencies, one of the most important financial instruments of our years, destined to continue to be talked about for much longer. Just think that more and more investors are inquiring every day about the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prices. 

According to the financial markets, after a period of difficulty, cryptocurrencies are regaining ground. Today, for example, bitcoin has managed to recover about a quarter of its value by reviewing $ 6,000. 

Backed by Blockchain technology, the platform on which financial transactions take place appears to have a complex cryptographic security system. All this guarantees anonymity, security and greater speed in moving one’s liquidity, despite the classic operations with banks or financial institutions. The cryptocurrency boom is driving the business of the microchip industry. According to estimates, the contribution of crypto-mining to the top line could double from 5% to 10% this year, fueling an increasing demand for processors. The fastest growing segment for industry leaders.