A Guide to Playing Online Games Safely

Online games have seen exponential growth in the last couple of decades. Presently there are over 877.3 million users of different online games across the world. Whether it is adventurous games like GTA or casino games like Starburst free spins no deposit, the thrill of online games is only increasing. With the growing popularity, there have been increased risk factors as well. And, in this article, we will help you get the most out of online games in the safest manner. But before that let’s discuss the common threats of online games –

  • Cyber bullying – Cyber bullying typically starts as a sign of poor sportsmanship, which gradually turns into animosity.
  • Privacy – Personal data added into a game can be leveraged by hackers to use your other accounts or set-up a new account with your identity.
  • Digital predators – These are typically experienced players who lure younger and more vulnerable players. They use inappropriate messages that may result in sexual exploitation.
  • Personal Information

Personal data like name, address, mobile number can be used for wrongful purposes. Therefore when registering for any online game, do not include your personal information. When you include username, try not to mention your full name; instead, get creative with it.

  • Pick Original Games

When you use a pirated copy of an online game, you cannot update it to use the latest version, and you will receive no support that can optimize your gaming experience. This puts your system at the risk of exposure to malware present in the pirated game files. Once the game is installed in your system, the malware can get activated and can destroy your data or crash the PC. Buying an original game, on the other hand, will help you stay protected with harmful viruses and offer optimum gaming experience.


  • Steer Clear From Cyber Bullies

The great thing about online games is that it allows you to communicate with people while playing. Although many times it helps in making the game more interesting, sometimes it exposes you to bullying. There are many irresponsible users out there who bully other players and make them stressed and uncomfortable. There are so many games that have reported foul languages and toxic behavior. It can negatively impact both adults and children. Therefore it is better to stay away from such games or avoid interacting with the bullies.

  • The Age Rating

Online games are only restricted to adults, and you should be mindful of it if you have children around. Check the age and content ratings of the game in order to ensure whether or not the game is kids’ friendly. Check out the Entertainment Software Rating Board, and here you will find content rating categories and all other information regarding the game.

  • Use Parental Controls

You can find parent control in basically all consoles, computers, phones, handheld gaming devices, and tablets. Parents can use this valuable tool to manage the time their kids spend on online games, the money they are allowed to spend, which games they can and cannot play, and with whom they can play. This is a great tool that allows parents to make sure their kids are not accessing games and content which they should not.

  • Optimum Account Security

Always use a two-step verification method to secure your account. It will ensure there are other verification steps after you have entered your password. Additionally, online games are connected to the internet, and you can play on consoles, smartphones, or computers. Be well-aware of the privacy setting associated with each device so that you do not get any surprises in the future. Moreover, it will help you understand how apps, games, and websites are storing your personal data, why they store it, and with whom it can be shared.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you or your kids have safe online gaming experience.