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Casino is a company engaged in the field of gambling. To conduct gambling activities legally, the company must obtain permission from the local government where the activity operates. Usually this business field is very promising and earns very much profit. In countries that allow casinos to operate legally usually impose very high income taxes. Tax payments to the government can reach 50% of the company’s income.

Before the 1980s, casinos were permitted in Indonesia. There was a casino in the Jakarta area when under the leadership of Ali Sadikin, such as the lower floor of Sarinah Building, Central Jakarta, in Petak Sembilan (PIX), West Jakarta, and in Hai Lai, Ancol. Online casinos began to enter Indonesia in 2005 one best recommendation for online casino in Asian region are sbobet.To gain the trust of the hearts of the Indonesian people, we also hold an international license for a trusted online gambling site. In the world of online gambling to be a trusted BO is very rarely found.


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