5 Classic Casino Games You'll Find Online

Online gambling and casino games have exploded in popularity in recent years as the internet becomes more widely accessible and people look for new ways to pass the time. We’re not quite in the age of the online experience making holidays to Vegas and poker nights redundant just yet, but there are a number of classic casino games you can find and enjoy online to fulfill your gambling needs


One of the most famous card games in the world is just as popular online as it is in casinos, living rooms, and backrooms across the world. Wherever you can gamble online there are places to practice your latest poker strategy.

In the world of online casinos, you can’t move for places to play poker. Every virtual casino in the world will offer unique ways to play this strategic card game in its many different forms, from Ultimate Texas Hold’em to 3 Card Poker. It’s a great starting point to transition from the world of real casino games into the online one.

If you’re sitting there missing the feeling of handling real chips in a casino while you’re in front of a screen, this guide from OnlineCasinos.co.uk will teach you some of the most popular chip tricks that you can practice while you play ready for the next tournament round your buddy’s. 


If there’s one game revered more than poker in casinos around the world, it’s blackjack. Tables for this popular card game dominate casinos, thanks to its simple rules and high payout rate.

Also known as 21, blackjack has seen a natural transition into the online world, with players trying to implement the perfect strategy through their laptops and tablets. Online you’ll find a couple of variations of the game, standard to American or European audiences, but the consistently smaller house edge is what keeps bringing people back for more. Minimum bets are generally low, so as to entice first time players to indulge in a familiar game.

The variations and ease of accessibility will keep blackjack as a hugely popular online casino game for years to come. Whatever casino website you log into across the web, you’ll find a game of blackjack waiting to thrill you. 


What’s more quintessentially casino than a classic roulette table? This exciting game of chance has been trilling gamblers for generations and is as natural a fit online as it is on the Vegas strip.


There are dozens of variations of roulette available across numerous online casinos, with each one offering players the chance to take a spin on classic wheels and more unique variants incorporating flashier elements, such as pinball roulette.

Playing roulette online rather than heading down to the casino gives you access to a wider range of table limits, accessible games 24/7 (both free and real money) and a spectacular experience full of graphics and innovative mechanics that classic casinos just can’t offer. The thrill of the spin doesn’t change just because you’re playing from your living room. 


Rows and rows of slot machines are part of the architecture of a great casino, synonymous with enthusiastic players and big wins. This isn’t just true of real-world casinos, but online ones too, where slots are making their virtual mark.

Easy to just log in and play, you can see why so many people flock to slots on online casinos. If you don’t want the strategy of poker or the higher stakes of a roulette table, then slots are a perfect compromise. They have high payout ratios for their relatively simple to play design and can be played for incredibly low sums at a time. Good players can take advantage of progressive jackpots to turn low investments into huge payouts.

Their compatibility with mobile devices is one reason slots are only growing in popularity among online players. Whatever kind takes your fancy, there are bound to be hundreds of available games you can drop in and experiment with. 


The main concern casino purists have about playing classic games online is recreating the atmosphere that keeps drawing them back in. Craps is the ultimate example of that. How can you recreate the feeling of a packed crowd gathered around the table as you toss dice onto a casino craps table through a computer?

Virtual casinos focus on the gambling elements of craps over the atmosphere, resulting in a streamlined version where you can get through a couple of games in quick succession. These games are almost constantly running, with practice versions for beginners not familiar with the rules of a game they may have only seen in films.

If clicking to roll your dice rather than doing it yourself is a major hangup, then this isn’t the online experience for you. For everyone else, there’s a lot of fun to be had and money to be made. 


The quality and accessibility of these online games is enough to make even the most hardened casino purists second guess themselves. For new players, these classic games are a great starting point for casual fun or developing your skills.