How Great Marketers Create Memorable Messaging for Their Companies

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Communication strategies with your audience will help confirm your image, emphasize your idea and philosophy, and improve your attitude to the brand. In today’s world, where all communication takes place through social networks, it is essential to control the image of your brand that will gain a foothold in the understanding of the public.

Moreover, according to the latest trends, great brands are not trying to look super-class and unique. They are trying to find a response among their audience with their humanity and integrity.

An example is Apple. Steve Jobs wanted to make a computer accessible to everyone. Not only for specialists but also ordinary people.

To do this, it was necessary to create a device, convenient, and functional, which would not take up much space. He succeeded. Although at first, no one believed in his idea.

His company’s products are known for their quality and functionality. The non-standard notion at that time helped make the computer a thing that is in every home.

-        Create a Catchy Story

Come up with a brand legend that affects the emotions and feelings that make the consumer prefer a particular product. These emotions are encrypted in the history of the brand, its philosophy, and values, certain symbols that are associated with it. Legend is a beautiful story about the creation of a product, without which it will remain only an ordinary brand.

-       Sparkle Positive Emotions

Give more joy to your subscribers! Share the good news, focus on the positive aspects, and reveal customer stories about how your product has changed their lives for the better. Use emoji that dilute the text and make it easier to read. Of course, everything is good in moderation, but it is essential to maintain a positive tone.

-       Bring a Value to Life

Think about what matters to your subscribers. If you sell stylish children’s clothing, this does not mean that your target audience only needs to ensure that the child looks good on Instagram photos, and the fabric is washed and does not lose shape.

The target audience has special values in self-realization (it is essential to devote time to yourself and your hobby), family health (I want to choose all the best, useful, natural and environmentally friendly), etc. Having figured out the values, build a content plan based on them. Even a children’s clothing store can arrange interactively under the last post, inviting mothers to share their experience in adopting a child to kindergarten.

-       Be Helpful

Give people useful information. The one that helps you navigate the products will make life better. Continuing the example of a children’s store: develop myths about the dangers of viscose, make a selection of games in nature, talking about the summer collection, and publish life hacks for a working mom. An important point – you need to be an expert on the topic or quote from recognized professionals.

Gather Loyal Customers Around the Brand

Build a community of fans around your brand. Let them share their experience of communicating with your proposal. Tell interesting stories related to your brand, share photos.

This works as social proof for new customers and creates a feeling of unity, comfort, and understanding for regular clients. This approach also causes pleasant emotions and a sense of involvement in something great.

To create such a community, it is convenient to use social networks. See how many companies, brands, and individual entrepreneurs have their groups in social networks, where they hold various competitions, communicate with customers. Why not to create your own?

As you can see, building a successful brand is based on the positive emotions of people. The more pleasant your brand evokes, the more trust you will have in it.


According to, to build a successful strategy of communication with your clients, you need to know your target audience and get closer to it. Loyal customers are just a treasure for the company because they will relate to the roughness of the service more efficiently, they will write good reviews on their initiative and will be pleased to recommend you.

Make people truly love and be interested in your brand. The subtle art of “falling in love” with a client in the social media space includes only two main components – content and service.

Don’t Complicate Your Message

Many brands that have been developing the direction of content marketing for several years have not been able to understand whether their investments have paid off. They create a huge amount of overloaded corporate content, precisely the one that the vast majority of users skip.

As mentioned by, influential brands adhere to a different strategy – they focus on the interests of their audience and very rarely talk about themselves. They attract opinion leaders and, most importantly, clients themselves.

Instead of creating content that no one reads, and the return on which is almost impossible to measure, try to evoke lively emotions from potential customers. Motivate them to create their content for your brand.

The voice of the brand is a comprehensive concept that includes many aspects. According to Lumen Learning, it regulates what you can write about in your social networks. The things you can’t talk about, what words and phrases you can use in communications, what topics you can joke about, and generally, whether you can joke and use humor.

For example, the voice of the brand Burger King suggests humorous advertising that touches on sensitive issues, sometimes even on the verge of a foul. This approach works great with young people and helps the company create viral content. But their competitor – McDonald’s – does not allow itself such an aggressive and even mocking tone, since the large audience of “Mac” is not only young people but also families, children who do not understand this approach.

That is, we see that the voice of the brand regulates how the company communicates with an external audience.

Make Your Brand as Human as Possible

Should we continue to adhere to the difference in brand communication with consumers and business partners?According to Digital Authority, there is a huge gap in marketing strategy for B2B and B2C market, so make sure to understand which audience you’re communicating with.

We covered up mostly ideas that are related to your brand image for customers. The marketing trends of recent decades of B2C and B2B are being replaced by a new concept – H2H. The business does not turn away from the B2C (Business for Customer) model and does not cancel B2B (Business for Business), but creates something new, by the spirit of the times – H2H (Human for Human).

Marketing trends have become more focused on the individual, not on the total mass (of buyers), but a specific and well-analyzed buyer. The seller also begins to acquire a “face,” ceases to be something like a counter and a cash register.

So, for example, you can already see that large brands are building their campaigns on the “humanization” of the brand, giving it a positive image with which you want to make friends for a long time. Thus, the brand builds a trusting and long-term relationship that will bring revenue to the company for a long time.

Therefore, it is worth referring to common values that you can share with everyone, evoke positive emotions in people, and bring benefits. This is the real secret of great advertising and brand success.