Bitcoin and crypto bubble has already exploded investors in the face, now what?

Many were those who affirmed by active, passive, and to the (aggressive) attacks that Bitcoin is that we did not understand it, that there could never be a crypto bubble because cryptoactives were not only the idealistic future more than certain , and their value only He could quote upwards almost continuously and to infinity and beyond.

Detail about bitcoin

Some did not hesitate to teach us and boast with resounding certainty that Bitcoin would soon reach $ 50,000 / BTC, and even contemplated that it could be much more in a few years. Bitcoin did not spend as little as $ 20,000 and, after hitting highs, almost 80% fell, and remains installed in the same litany over a significant period that is already counted by quarters . Sorry, yes, Bitcoin was another bubble, we already let you know. But now what?  Bitcoin Pro is the best software to do bitcoin trading.

From these lines we promptly warn you from the earliest beginnings of the incipient formation of a bubble that began to inflate . Subsequently, we talked on countless occasions of the dangerous effervescent trend that Bitcoin and crypto assets were presenting in general, and we warned them that they would continue to climb who knows how far, but that they would then click on a process that always leaves many more affected than new rich . Finally, shortly before the outbreak, we warned them again of the great risk that lay ahead . And finally, we were among the first to analyze one of the main causes of such a speculative bubble: premeditated and interested manipulation .

But this is not going to be an analysis of rejoicing, or of recreating in the lack of other people’s vision: it is not the style of these lines or the one that writes them, and, in addition, at some point we can all get something like that . No one should ever rejoice over the socioeconomic misfortunes of any investor or country, even if there are some who have sought it desperately and insistently.


Our ambition is simply that the victims are able to recognize these recurring market patterns before in the next bubble, and that they can decide to be well informed if they put their savings to safety: it costs a lot of drops of sweat from the forehead to add to the bank and … do not forget, also the savings are necessary for what may come in this life .

From the “Monopoly” sensation to the invention of curious self-righteous cabals: all for pasta

Luckily or unfortunately, our money is not Monopoly bills, no matter how much some people irresponsibly entrust them to the first one that passes through the door: in the current socio-economic system, our quality of life (and that of our children) depends mostly on them. . Everyone is free to spend their euros how and where they want, but also from here we have as a duty and vocational objective that nobody throws the bills through the window (at least without being aware of it): they will enjoy them more even if they are They spend even “on pipes . “


And here those ideas that toured the internet, and that had more passion and investing interest than realists, have not proved valid either . As much as Bitcoin has shown an extremely volatile (and sometimes even erratic) behavior, once again the elaborate theories that affirmed with excited roundness that we were witnessing the birth of a new type of asset have been proven false (this point is true ) that the traditional patterns of inverting bubbles were no longer adhered to.

Mistake that must be avoided

It was a tremendous mistake that we always refute with solid arguments from these lines: what does not change here is the human nature of some. Therefore, be it Bitcoin, be it other cryptocurrencies, or any other asset that could arrive in the future, ambition, passion, fear, panic, etc. they are still there behind the operations moving the market: at least for now and as long as the negotiation does not become 100% in the hands of investor robots and their artificial intelligence.