Some Of The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies Worldwide

As cryptocurrencies is very known terms which is used worldwide. There are different types of cryptocurrencies used in the market. Below is detail of some popular cryptocurrencies. You can also get detail about cryptocurrencies here at


Highest value ever recorded: $ 18,737.60 *

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and is currently the most valuable cryptocurrency on the planet. It gained great prominence worldwide after the cyber ransonware attack in May 2017 named WannaCry. The cryptocurrency was used as a ransom request by criminals for the information hijacked on the infected computers.

Bitcoin is accepted by major companies in Brazil and worldwide, such as Dell, Facebook and Microsoft. In the United States and the United Kingdom, Bitcoin trading at exchange offices is legally permitted. Experts regard Bitcoin as the gold of digital currencies.

History of Bitcoin

In 2014, a text on Bitcoin regularization was discussed in the Federal Senate for the currency to be considered as a payment arrangement in Brazil. However, the law number 12.865 on payment arrangements rules of the Brazilian Payment System (SPB) imposes the need for a legal entity for payment arrangements. And that makes Bitcoin effective in Brazil. On the other hand, the Brazilian Federal Revenue considers cryptocurrencies as assets. Thus, it advises that whoever owns it must be declared in the Income Tax as well.

In the year 2017, considering the period from January to December, Bitcoin appreciated more than 1800%. Until then, the highest amount recorded was $ 20,089.00 (approximately R $ 65,891.92) on December 17, 2017. As a benchmark, on January 1, 2017 a Bitcoin unit was worth $ 972.95 (approximately R $ 3,191.27 considering the current dollar exchange rate).

Benefits of bitcoin

One of the main benefits of bitcoin is that being intangible and decentralized, transactions can be carried out quickly in the cloud, so you do not need intermediaries, or a government to regulate it,” said Roger Benites, CEO bitINKA and INKApay.

This virtual currency is one of the most accepted by online stores, for example, one of the largest e-commerce (e-commerce) companies, such as Amazon, is starting to accept bitcoin 



Highest value ever recorded: $ 1,350.62 *

Ethereum is the second most valued currency on the market. It has the application called “smart contracts”. These contracts enable the automatic scheduling of transactions between network users when they meet the defined premises together.


Highest value ever recorded: $ 366.15 *

Litecoin emerged in 2011 and was created by software engineer Charles Lee based on the original Bitcoin code. The algorithm is less loaded and can process a transaction in 2.5 minutes. These features provide reliability and ease in business transactions.


Highest value ever recorded: $ 0.017359 *

Launched in 2013, it is among the 10 most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. The biggest reason for his fame is the humorous proposal. Its creator, Billy Markus, bet on the image of internet memes of the sweet and rare Japanese dog of the Shiba Inu breed to win the attention of users. Furthermore, its low market value in relation to other currencies means that mining can be carried out on simpler computers, making the process more accessible and democratic.

* Amounts in US dollars published on the CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations website. The maximum values take into account all quotations already registered for the cryptocurrencies cited until January 10, 2018.

Cryptocurrency Tracking

Cryptocurrencies are also being used for the practice of cybercrime , such as money laundering, foreign exchange evasion and, mainly, financing of activities and purchase of illegal products.

Since the creation of the portfolio exempts the need for personal identification, traceability is more complex or even impossible in some cases. There are already companies specializing in laundering cryptocurrencies.

The scheme works as follows: the criminal transfers the amount he wants to wash to the washing company; the company discounts the fee charged for the service and transfers the money divided into several amounts originating from several different portfolios with different destinations.

In order to solve this type of crime, computer forensics professionals specialize in following technological developments by implementing technological resources and tools to, among other things, track transactions with encrypted currencies.