How to Use the PAX 3

Hailed as one of the top portable vaporizers throughout the entire industry, the PAX 3 Vaporizer is a real force to be reckoned with. Originally released back in November 2016, the PAX 3 has taken the vaporizing world by storm – and is certainly worth the hype.

Featuring an ultra-sleek design that’s both stylish and superbly discreet, the versatility, ease of use and sheer quality produced by the PAX 3 is what makes it truly stand out from the crowd. So, if you’ve recently purchased or are thinking about trying the PAX 3 and want to learn more about how to use it to its fullest potential, read on.

Grind & Pack

As with most vaporizers, the finely-ground your herbs the better overall heat conduction will be. So to achieve the best possible results from your PAX 3 from the outset, use a quality grinder to ensure you grind your chosen herbs as finely as possible.

Once ground, remove the bottom lid of the device and pack the bowl as tightly as possible to ensure the best possible performance flavour throughout your session. The PAX 3 lid is also magnetic, meaning you don’t have to worry about complex detachment.


At this stage, you can also select your mouthpiece of choice. The PAX 3 features an already-fitted flat mouthpiece which is usually the most popular, but you can switch it out for the included raised mouthpiece if you prefer.

Select Temperature

Once you’ve tightly packed your bowl and replaced the bottom lid, it’s time to switch on the device. The discreet activation button is located at the centre of the mouthpiece – simply press once, and the PAX 3 will immediately begin heating up.

For convenience and maximum efficiency, this device features 4 pre-set temperatures for you to choose from. Signalled as 1 for the coolest and 4 for the hottest as part of the LED display, simply work your way through the settings by pressing the power button. Once you’ve found your chosen setting (1, 2, 3 or 4), hold down the button until the LED light changes to purple. Once this light changes again to green, this signals that the PAX 3 is fully heated and ready for use.

Link to App

One of the top selling points of the PAX 3 is its innovative accompanying app. Allowing you to experience greater control and more advanced features than simply using the device alone, linking your PAX 3 to the app couldn’t be simpler.

Download the app from your iPhone or Android app store, and ensure your Bluetooth connection is switched on. Open the app whilst your PAX 3 device is also activated, and they should connect automatically. From this, you can select your own precise temperature settings as opposed to relying on the device’s 4 pre-set options, and you can even try an array of bespoke heating modes for a truly tailored experience.