Jackpot - Development history, Varieties and Secrets

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What is Jackpot?

The Jackpot is usually the ultimate prize that you can win when gambling in the best online casino real money in 2019 , a large sum that can set you up for life. There are jackpots in Lottery, Bingo, Casinos, Gambling websites, but sometimes you can even get a jackpot by just eating in McDonald’s or being the millionth customer in Walmart.

In modern times we have seen jackpots reach millions and even billions, the largest one recorded is the super ball lottery of 1.57 billion dollars! So, go tell that guy that you cannot become a millionaire overnight.

 How it all started?

The term “Jackpot” was first used in a variation of a poker game called “Jacks or Better”. This game was basically a normal 5 card poker with two small twists.

First, you could only start betting if you had cards that were stronger than a pair of 10′s, hence the name “Jacks or Better”. After somebody would place the first bet, the others could redraw the first cards by paying a fee that was added to the big pot.

The other twist is that nobody could win with anything less than a tree of a kind, and in this case, all the bets would be added to the accumulating Jack – Pot.

What are the different types of jackpots?

  • Progressive
  • Fixed
  • Networked
  • Local
  • Bonus Game

The Progressive Jackpot is the most common and most popular one. Every time a bet is made, a portion of the real money goes back to the growing pot. These are most commonly seen in the best online casino slot machines and for a good reason… The excitement builds up and up slowly and more and more people come to play.


However, the chances of winning real money have to be super small in order to be able to accumulate such big prizes. The probability that you will win one of these jackpots is slim to none, but if you do, you might just set yourself up for an early pension.

Fixed Jackpots are independent of other players before you. They do not go up or down. There is a certain sum that you can win by playing and that’s it, Jackpot! Nothing more to obsess about.

Fixed jackpots are often seen in the lottery. Once the tickets are sold, the Jackpot is announced and it stays the same until the winner is found. There are slot machines that have both fixed and progressive jackpots. You are much more likely to win the fixed ones, but the cash out is much lower as well.

Local Jackpots are smaller jackpots that are only applicable to a single casino or a location. They can be progressive or fixed. The cashouts are lower but the chances of winning are higher. The winner will usually be a person that lives around the area, and in the case of progressive jackpot, he wins the pool generated by the community around the local casino.

Networked Jackpots are accumulated by connecting multiple casinos with a single prize pool. Higher reward lower probability than local. Think about High school Basketball versus the NBA. Much more competition, much more viewership, much bigger rewards, much harder to get into.

Bonus game Jackpots are side-quests that are triggered by random events on slot machines, during these you get a chance to win a jackpot from a special prize pool, much larger than the original one.

What are some secret tips you can use when in online casino for real money?

  1. Play maximum bets
    Maximum bets often unlock the bonus games, extra Jackpots and give you free spins. It is not much, but you effectively maximize your chances by betting this way.
  2. Pay close attention to how much you are winning
    Some games play sounds and graphics that make you think you are winning when you are not even breaking even, in an attempt to get you to think everything is going well. If you don’t sober up, you can win your way out of money.
  3. Don’t play Class 2 Slots
    Why? Because they are not real slots, you would be basically playing bingo on a machine. See if you can spot a bingo sign on the side of the slot machine.
  4. Always remember that you are being tracked
    This is true for both offline and best online casino for real money 2019 . If you spend a lot, you should expect a lot of marketing targeted at you in the future, including coupons, free things, special invitations and etc. They will try to use this as a bait to get you started.