Biggest defeats in Premier League history

The Premier League is more competitive than ever in the 19/20 season. Anyone can beat anyone, and every team is dangerous on their day. And yet there are many games that are exceptionally one-sided, and that is something that has never changed. We think of it as a thrashing when a team is beaten by four or five goals. But what about the times when things go ever further? Here we take a look at the biggest defeats in the history of the Premier League that have shocked fans and players alike. If you won a lot of money due to these high scores, you probably placed an under/over bet, but surely you would only place an over 8.5 goals bet if you had a free bet, here are some bets if you’re using football free bets.

Southampton 0 – 9 Leicester City – 25/10/19

Perhaps the one that is in the memory of most is the dismantling of Southampton by Leicester this season. The match equalled the record for the largest defeat in the history of the Premier League – but perhaps what made this one so extraordinary is the fact that it occurred at St Mary’s Stadium; Southampton were at home. 

Jamie Vardy was the Man of the Match completing a hattrick in the 94th minute. Leicester were up by 5 at half time, so it’s not a fantastic reflection on Southampton that they weren’t able to get any measure of redemption, losing the second half by four. 

Manchester United 9 – 0 Ipswich Town – 4/3/95


The other time that the Premier League saw a 9 – 0 defeat was in the 94/95 season. It was in this game that Andy Cole scored five goals – a Premier League record in a single game. Incredibly Ipswich had actually beaten Untied 3-2 in the return fixture. 

The match remains the largest away defeat in Premier League history to this day. Through the course of the match, United had 14 shots on target, Ipswich managed just 1. 

Portsmouth 7 – 4 Reading – 29/9/07

While the margin of victory in this game was just 3, and many teams have conceded more than the 7 goals that Reading did on this occasion, it was this 7 – 4 game that goes down in history as the highest scoring affair ever in the Premier League. With a total of 11 goals scored, what is perhaps most remarkable is that 8 of the goals were scored in the second half. Benjani scored a hattrick in the game with no other player scoring more than a single goal. There were even two own goals. 

Nottingham Forest 1 – 8 Manchester United – 6/2/99

This was another huge victory for Manchester United during the Alex Ferguson era. United won by 7 away from home, showing completely dominance through the match. One of the most interesting things about this match is how many of the goals happened in the first and last ten minutes of the game. Three goals were scored in the first ten minutes, and four were scored in the final ten minutes. In fact, all of the those final four goals were scored by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – this was actually a record for the most goals scored by a substitute.