Motivation for Early Morning Workout Routines

Getting up early in the morning to work out is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are not an early riser. It can certainly prove to be a difficult task without the right motivational push to get on  with it. You need to motivate yourself properly to make it both enjoyable and worthwhile. Depending on your workout routine, the following points should serve as your motivation for a consistent morning workout routine:

Set Your Alarm and Place Your Clock Far from Your Bed

It is normal for you to hit the snooze button on your alarm once it rings; especially the first time it rings and wakes you from a deep slumber. By placing the alarm away from your bed with multiple short snooze time intervals, you force yourself to get up and turn it off. It can also help if it is loud enough to the point of annoyance when it rings.

Go to Bed Early

To be able to get enough sleep, you need to sleep at the right time. Waking up feeling tired and lazy can be a result of a lack of sleep. Once you get yourself used to getting to bed early and having enough sleep, it becomes easy to get up and get moving when your alarm rings. You then get to experience a good workout routine with a fresh, well-rested body.

Be Active and Motivate Yourself


Once your alarm rings, you need to quickly get yourself out of bed and get moving. You can engage in short, daily routines that can keep you active and moving. Try immediately grabbing a toothbrush and brushing your teeth, making your morning coffee, or simply hitting the shower straight from bed to wake you up and keep you active. According to Valkyrie Online whatever you do, keep active and moving once you are up.

Plan Your Next Day Activity in Advance

Once you know your workout routine for the morning, you need to plan for it. Pack your gym bag and get what you’ll need together beforehand. This will prevent you from taking too much time in the morning preparing. Your focus remains on accomplishing the task ahead of you once you wake up.

Have a Gym Partner

It is a good idea to have a colleague or a friend, who encourages you to get up and show up at the gym. You can get bored and tired having to get up every morning to work out alone. However, if there are two or more of you, each one of you encourages the other, especially on bad days, to show up and be able to achieve your set workout targets.

Change Your Workout Routine

Invest in different workout routines to keep yourself interested and motivated. By doing the same exercise every day, you definitely will get bored and tired over time. Research various morning workout routines — and keep implementing them into your various workout exercises.


Getting up and showing up for a morning workout can be difficult, but once the exercise is done, a sense of accomplishment almost always sets in. Encourage yourself to keep on going for any gainful results to be achieved.