How to improve your skills in writing essay

Writing a winning essay is not always going to be easy. Sometimes you get close to scoring the highest marks and other days, it becomes a painstakingly difficult task. And it does not just happen to students looking for scholarships, college admissions or participating in contests. At some point in life, everyone would want to write something down, in the form of an essay. The big question is do you have what it takes to excel?

The truth is that even if you know how to craft an excellent APA research paper, essay varies depending on the purpose for which you write them. Still, everyone would agree that having the right skills for these tasks will go a long way in helping you score high. In this post, we walk you through tips that will ace your essay writing skills so dive in with us to learn more.

  • Use an outline to plan your writing

Planning a write-up remains a vital step in writing essays. You are more likely to fail if you don’t have an outline. Maybe you have been getting poor grades because you don’t take planning seriously. So, here is the question. Are you that writer or student who does things randomly without figuring how the overall output will look like?

With a good essay writing plan, it becomes easy figuring out a thesis statement around which you will center arguments. An outline also makes it craft an excellent essay because you know where to begin and how to end it. For the best outcome, you should emphasize having at least three solid arguments for your thesis. Also, you should make your essay stand out by using examples to support your arguments.

  • Have a strong grasp of writing style, grammar and use of punctuations

Let’s face it. Nothing will ruin your essay like poor grammar, not to mention the wrong use of punctuations. Think about how many times you have had to revise your essay to get rid of clichés. Punctuation marks such as semicolons can be a real pain in your quest for the best grades in essay writing. When you think you have used them correctly, it turns out otherwise.


Grammar use is another challenge that students grapple with every day when writing academic essays. Here, you will want to ask, does slang affect essay composition schools? The catch here is that to improve in essay writing, you must equally watch your grammar. Improve every day by reading extensively.

  • You don’t need jargon to score high marks

There is a misconception that big words make an essay stand out from the rest. It is a misconception because no one wants to waste time looking up for the meaning of words in a dictionary. It slows down the reading process, and you can guess what would happen if your teacher gets tired midway. You don’t want to bore readers with vocabularies that do not add value to your essay, so we advise that you keep it simple and clear.

  • Pick the right tone and stick to it

Most students always want to sound like some writing great whose books they have read. It means, in as much as you may have what it takes to craft a powerful narrative, it would lack originality and a personalized tone. Unless your teacher specifies a tone with which you should write, you must choose one and let it be your style every day. With time, you won’t have to introduce yourself because readers can identify with your voice even in literary material. With a voice that is unique to you, your essay will never sound metallic. 

Final Words

In summary, you have learned that improving your essay skills is a personal initiative. You have to start by identifying the common mistakes you often make and make amends. Remember to keep your essays flowing and cohesive using transitional words.