At this point, Joomla’s popularity is undeniable. With nearly 2 million total active websites and 9% of all business websites online today running on Joomla’s platform, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that it comes with a myriad of benefits that can help optimize nearly any type of personal or business website.

Why Use Joomla? 4 Joomla Benefits

Built from the ground up and supported by an active community, Joomla continues to garner critical attention primarily because every ounce of its core code and optional extensions are well-documented and easy to learn. With several web hosts offering devoted Joomla options today, some website administrators are striking while the iron is hot and switching their digital domain to Joomla’s free, open source platform.

While there are a great many benefits of using Joomla, these four core Joomla benefits will surely highlight why this CMS option has grown to run on nearly 3% of all websites online today. Whether you’re focused on features or are looking for CMS option on a budget, Joomla has a great deal to offer when it comes to optimizing your digital hub.

Benefit #1: Devoted Joomla Hosting Options

Web administrators who have previously used other CMS platforms on low-brow web hosts know the hair-pulling frustration that can arise from incompatible code and plug-ins. Joomla’s broad implementation across the internet has brought it to the attention of industry-leading web hosts who have endeavored to create hosting options specifically tailored to the needs of Joomla users.

Specialized Joomla hosting providers can be a game-changer for many who have previously struggled with incompatibility problems in the past. Because these hosts natively support Joomla’s code in their infrastructure, you’ll often be able to manipulate and manage within the host’s user-friendly interface.

Also, many devoted Joomla hosts won’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to compatibility support. While Joomla’s community alone provides a great deal of insight, these devoted hosts leverage this widely-available information to provide you with customized support when you need it most.

Both first-time and veteran Joomla users alike should strongly consider implementing devoted Joomla hosting in order to take advantage of each and every benefit the CMS platform has to offer.

Benefit #2: Free. Forever.

“Free” is a word rarely heard in the website management industry today as more and more web hosts and domain registrars try to upcharge customers for industry-standard features. Joomla differentiates itself in this regard by offering their core CMS software for free, forever. Even better, every successive update from Joomla comes at no cost to its users.

Benefit #2: Free. Forever

On its face, this cost speaks for itself. Often “free” options include barebones offerings that leave web administrators cursing their choice to take the low road. But not so with Joomla, who only short change their users when it comes to price. Every free Joomla download includes the fully equipped CMS software, without any components locked behind hidden paywalls.


Even Joomla’s vast library of extensions are mostly free as part of their community-driven improvement project. With options from SEO and e-commerce to site mapping and social media, there’s extensions available at no cost for every digital need. While some extensions include a small fee, the vast majority of the platform’s best extensions won’t cost you a single red cent.

Benefit #3: Excellent Customizability

As noted, Joomla is customizable beyond most web administrator’s wildest dreams. Much of this customizability starts at a function level, with Joomla’s in-house curated and community supplied a library of extensions. This library is categorized and fully searchable, allowing you to find fully compatible extensions for social media, cookie control, e-commerce, and advertising in no time flat.

While Joomla provides a core team to manage its extension library anyone (including you) can submit new extension as well as request extensions from the larger community. This can really open the doors towards finding and creating a customized solution for your unique personal or business website.

Joomla’s customization efforts don’t end there, though. In fact, Joomla makes a major effort to highlight its free and paid template options. Many of these templates implement a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to modify the appearance of your website without ever touching the underlying code.

Benefit #4: Low Learning Curve through Committed Documentation

One of the most noteworthy advantages of Joomla, by far, is its simplified learning curve. Because Joomla and its community provide a treasure trove of documentation for every core feature and function, you are sure to find an answer to your problems without needing to commit long hours to your search engine.

One prime example of this low learning curve can be seen in Joomla’s in-house beginner’s guide. This step-by-step guide provides succinct information on how to install Joomla’s CMS on nearly any host as well as key considerations for users before bringing their Joomla site online.

Low Learning Curve through Committed Documentation

If you can’t find what you are looking for in their core documentation, Joomla also offers an active forum community that is more than happy to provide timely responses to your unique inquiries. This forum community really lives by the mantra “don’t reinvent the wheel,” so you can be sure that they’ll direct you to every solution they’ve uncovered over their many years in action.

Joomla Benefits are Unbeatable

After hearing the many rumors about Joomla’s benefits, some web administrators may be asking, “why use Joomla?” As it stands, Joomla remains one of the most customizable, best documented CMS software packages on the market today that individuals and businesses alike should strongly consider when reevaluating their website options.

More importantly, there has rarely been a better opportunity to make the jump and reap the advantages of Joomla. Currently, Joomla is finishing development on its latest release – Joomla 4.0. This system is set to maximize the existing customizable infrastructure while doubling down on its security protocols.

All in all, this is a major leap forward that you can get in on at the ground floor. As always, this upgrade will be free, giving you just one more reason to give Joomla a try.