Best Online Casino Games

Avid online casino players are always looking for the next best thing. They have plenty to await with eagerness. Many online casinos are announcing big releases for the beginning of next year.

While we wait, though, why not discover some of the impressive titles already out there? Luckily, our online casino guide is there to do the legwork for you. We’ve sifted through the best versions of our favorite casino games – slots, poker, and blackjack. Let’s take a look.


Slots are the most straightforward, most loved game among gamblers. Due to their popularity, they come in too many forms to name. Here are our three favorite titles from 2019.

Reef Run

Yggdrasil, one of the most beloved software houses in the gaming industry, didn’t disappoint with Reef Run. This arcade-style, fun game will brighten your day.

Submerge in the ocean landscape of the game and enjoy 20 pay lines and a race track for your characters – if you come first, you may win some golden payouts.

Your best reef runs will also bring you the ‘Level Multiplier’ feature to boost your payouts up to 20 times. 

Dead or Alive II

The Dead or Alive slot series has already been widespread. However, with the second release by NetEnt, we may say it’s among the best slots ever created to date.

This progressive slot allows you to win up to 2 million coins! Even if you play for fun, you get to enjoy the fantastic graphics and soundtrack. We are sure this one will become a classic.

Playboy Gold

Microgaming upgraded their Playboy slot to the Playboy Gold after the legendary Hugh Hefner passed away. Now, you get to enjoy new playmate eye candies and 110 pay lines.

There are several options to trigger spicey bonuses. Also, if you win, the graphics will astound you as you enjoy the Playmate line-up.


We could say you haven’t gambled if you never played poker. However, even those with some experience may be surprised to learn how many variations of the classic exist. For now, here are our two types of choice from this gambling room all-time favorite.

Texas Hold’em

There’s a saying among players that goes something like – Texas Hold ‘em will take five minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.

Precisely for this reason is the game by far the most popular variation of poker. It’s simple at first, but the innumerable options make it never dull.

If you’ve never played before, start with Hold ‘em. Go through the rules, and visit an online poker room that lets you play for free. Getting experience without any risks will make you love it, and you’ll enjoy it that much more once you deposit real money.

In essence, Hold ‘em is easy to learn, features tons of action, and chances to develop advanced strategies. However, if you want to avoid the crowd related to this game, play a variation.


Hold ‘em Pineapple, and Crazy Pineapple are even more exciting spins of the original.

Seven-Card Stud

A few decades ago, before Hold ‘em became the number one poker version, the Seven-Card Stud was the most played type of poker in America. This version is a bit slower and almost always comes with betting limits. It’s also gratifying for those with a good memory.

It’s not as flashy as Hold ‘em, but new players will appreciate easing into the game. After all, action-packed card games aren’t for everyone. Again, it rewards focus and strategy, which is precisely what many players want.


In its pure form, you will find blackjack one of the most straightforward games featured in casinos. All you need to do is try and get your hand close to 21 without going over this number. You also want to have a higher sum than the dealer. That’s it.

For this reason, many variations emerged over the years to spice things up for lovers of blackjack.


If you’ve only played American blackjack so far, you may enjoy its British cousin, Pontoon. In many aspects, it’s very similar to its American equivalent, but with a few twists.

The changes serve to motivate the players to think a bit more strategically. The most significant difference is that you can see one card first, and then make your bet. Sounds interesting? We’d say so.

Pontoon also allows the players to win double their original bet if they have five cards that equal to 21 or less.

California Blackjack

The history of California Blackjack is fascinating. It first arose in Southern California poker rooms. There, traditional blackjack was deemed illegal due to the fact the player goes against the house.

It later rose to one of the most popular blackjack variations in California, and it still follows the rule. They found a loophole in the law by rotating the banker role. So, during each hand, a different player goes against the others.

For this reason, California Blackjack is quite different from the standard, although some similarities stand.

The banker’s bet is considered the bank for that hand. Then, the principle changes a bit. The banker spends the game trying to increase the bank, and other players try to win. Besides, they included jokers in the count, and their goal number is 22, not 21.

Also, the players aren’t automatically out of the game when they bust. So, you may find this version also called ‘No-Bust Blackjack’.

The Bottom Line

We love it that all games found in regular casinos made their way online, and the options are now ever-expanding. With that change, we see more and more creative developers working to develop their spins on beloved originals.

Of course, our suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online casino games.

If you’ve tried all the variants we mentioned, worry not – there’s a lot more to pick. These are only fun suggestions for those getting into the world of gambling looking for excitement. The guide may also serve to those bored by their standard games.

Which version of these three casino games is your favorite? Share with us so we could all enjoy exciting spins and boost our adrenalin.