Surprising Truth about American and Canadian Games

No, games isn’t just something you get out of your head and completely forget about as soon as you’re not a kindergarten age anymore. After reading this you may be surprised how huge the role they play in our lives is. This article’s aim is to explore the most astonishing facts about games in Canada and in the US. You’ll also find out similarities and differences between them in these two formidable countries.


The most mysterious and captivating games to talk about are, of course, the games of chance. This fascinating activity with a hint of risk has always been attractive for people in both these countries. Its elusive charm seems to be eternal. The thing is, Canada is the country where the games of chance were pronounced to be legal. For the Canadian players, or, as they say it in French, pour les joueurs canadiens, now is the best time to thrive. Visit the NativeCasinos website to see how far Canadian gambling has come and how you can make money off it.

For its part, Gambling in the US is severely restricted. Since these two powerful countries have their own gambling history, gambling has ended up in a little bit different circumstances there. Nevertheless, legal revenues from gambling were as high as $158.54 billion. Why does it happen? Apparently, a casino is something society is attached to tremendously. You can try some slots at the NativeCasinos website to see what people find so cool yourself.

Sport games

If the Great White North is a place where you happen to live, then the phrase “Canada Games” must make your heart miss a beat. Staring at our sportsmen, making some of the most important and significant steps of their lives is quite an emotional thing. To say nothing of the ice hockey, which is considered to be a national sport. 


Regarding the USA, it is necessary to remind you of the fact that The National Football League (NFL) was founded – wait for it – 99 years ago. On 20th August in 2020, it will turn 100. What is even more, the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs was founded – and now it’s time to wait for this one – 143 years ago. Hence, the sport has proven to be everlasting there.

Computer games

Cybersport it taking over the world we live in. This type of sport seems to have a goal to show the whole planet that you can earn money doing the things you love. Even if it’s something as odd as computer games with them, you can learn more about making money doing what you love at games that NativeCasinos recommends. And Canada, a country that never looks back and always appears to be among the countries-innovation leaders, is not falling behind. As the studies let us know, Canada has the third-largest number regarding the breadth of the video game industry phenomenon. There are almost 700 companies with more than 20000 employees.

However, the countries that Canada steps aside regarding the video games sphere are, as might be expected, the US and Japan. Here is the best description of the computer games situation in the United States for you to read:

  • Almost 70% of American adults play video games on a regular basis
  • Almost 80% of Americans have a gamer in their families. Sometimes there is even more than one gamer per household
  • More than half of the total games being played are the mobile phone games
  • Almost 80% of the gamers are inclined to believe that games provide them with relaxation and release them from stress
  • Almost 90% of the gamers claim that they feel video games give them some kind of mental stimulation

In conclusion, both the USA and Canada are the game-oriented countries. As an example, the citizens are keen on games of chance there. In addition, the Canadian and the US people also tend to get off on sports games a lot. And, as a matter of course, computer games are hugely common as well.