Bitdefender: The Best Antivirus

Bitdefender is an antivirus and anti-malware software offered and produced by a Romanian company, which dominates 38% of the world’s security systems and boasts 500 million users worldwide. Being in the cyber-security industry for 18 years, they have developed and perfected their products to compete with other antiviruses and top them. They are reliable in giving their clients a predictable 5-star customer care experience, fast with their innovative upgrades and aim to give the client more than what they expected, making them an obvious choice when looking for a software to protect your devices and the valuable information they house. Let’s look at why they are the 2020 choice for best antivirus in more detail. 


Bitdefender offers antivirus, internet security, endpoint security software, which successfully protects against viruses, worms, Trojan horses and all other forms of inadmissible malware, which corrupts a device’s operating system, or can eat away at programs. The options they offer are renewable annual subscriptions and have automatic upgrades built-into each package, which upgrades the protection package to the latest version, providing that you can enjoy year-round full protection without the inconvenience of doing manual upgrades. They also have multi-layer ransomware protection, which lets you know of any attacks and prevents the loss of money on files. This assists you in preventing a problem, which could cause major losses to you or worse in the case of a business or an organization. Zero system slow-downs enable for an instant reaction to malware and webcam protection preventing encroachment on privacy, which is a relief in the world we live in where anyone can spy on you through your webcam. They have a three-tier option available which includes basic, complete and advanced, with features which differ based on whatever your need, on affordability, or both. Allowing you to connect up to three devices, the basic Antivirus Plus unfortunately, does not offer protection for Mac, Android and iOs. The free antivirus for Windows protection is admirable for a free product, providing basic protection for all users. For a bigger family who needs protection across 5 devices, Bitdefender offers the Total Security package which includes Mac, Android and iOs protection, making it the more attractive option for Mac users who may need uncompromising protection throughout. Finally, they have the Internet Security package, which allows for up to 3 devices to connect. 

It is clear to see how Bitdefender has risen to be the number one antivirus in the world. They have consistently thought one step ahead of the rest. Constantly looking for ways to improve not only their product but also their customer experience, and in so doing, keep their existing clients loyal and talking about their stellar protection, which enables referral of other customers.