The Impact of Gamification on The Gambling Sector

Gamification refers to the enhancement of a particular activity by adding gaming elements to improve engagement. It is a concept used in many areas, including education and business. Gambling is one industry that makes billions from gamification. Online casinos would not be able to provide the level of interaction that they do if it weren’t for gamification. This concept takes something simple such as a conventional slot machine and transforms it into an exciting activity. Over the last several years, online casinos have dominated over their land-based counterparts mostly because they provide gamblers with something different. Playing at online casinos is more than just about leveraging your luck. They make gambling a lot more fun, and part of that is thanks to gamification. The concept has been applied to different aspects of gambling.

Rewarding Customers

A big effect of gamification has been in the reward system. Rewarding players is one of the most effective ways for casinos to keep customers coming back. The gambling industry is a competitive one where each platform does its best to gain an edge. Casinos have to be creative about how they attract and retain customers. Rewards are a standard solution. You will find a casino such as Unibet NJ offering free spins, comp points and bonuses. Gamification techniques make all this possible. The gambling industry found ways to gamify their products and services to improve customer satisfaction. Slot machines are good examples. You will find a slot title that has wilds, multiplying wilds and scatter symbols that increase the winning chances for players. You can get bonus spins, for instance, when you hit multiplying wild symbols on a slot. Gamification makes this possible. Loyalty or comp points are other rewards systems that are available thanks to gamification technologies. In this reward system, customers earn points with every game the play. They can then redeem the accumulated points for different products on the platform. Casinos entice customers with all kinds of rewards such as extra credits that they can use on games.


Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casinos

Another element of online gambling affected by gamification is mobile gaming. The increasing use of hand-held devices pushed online casinos to adapt. It was essential for casinos to find ways to reach this mobile audience. The most practical solution was to make mobile responsive sites that would allow gamblers to access casinos straight from their devices. Gamification brought interaction to mobile gaming. Players can now get most of the features available on desktop on their mobile devices. The biggest plus side here is that gamblers can play from anywhere they are. Playing your favourite video slot does not require sitting at a PC the whole time. Players can also log onto their preferred casinos from wherever they want. Through gamification, casinos ensure that the experience on mobile is just as enjoyable as with the regular site. This technology has allowed gambling businesses to make money by targeting a broader audience. Some casinos are going as far as to develop proprietary mobile apps that improve the access that users have to games.

Gamification has allowed casinos to do so much on their platforms. With the right technologies, online gambling sites are able to make games highly enjoyable for customers. The interactivity of casino games is one reason they are becoming popular. Gamification has also made social sharing possible. When you invite a friend to try out an online casino or follow a casino on social media, it is all thanks to gamification techniques. Casinos use gamification to incentivise customers with various rewards. With the proper motivation, casinos not only get to lure gamblers but inspire loyalty. Casinos can apply different gamification technologies to build profiles for customers, which improve over time. Gambling has come to rely on gamification to create attractive products for customers.