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Heard a lot about gamification technique and want to use it on your eCommerce website? Here, in this blog, you will see how gamification has impacted the business of several eCommerce giants.

Let’s start with the introduction first!

ecommerce gamification

What is the definition of gamification for eCommerce?

Basically, gamification for eCommerce means selecting and ordering things in an interesting way. It can be achieved by using game principles to design a game-like way to select and order a product on your online eCommerce website. Gamification can be added to already running websites & if you are getting a new eCommerce website built, there are many CMS development companies today that get the job done in a very good manner.

What is the definition of gamification for eCommerce

Now, let’s look at some real-life examples where gamification is being used and has resulted in business growth and that too, in a dramatic way.

Gamification in Threadless

Gamification in Threadless

Thread-less is an eCommerce website that sells T-shirts. You can look at their business model. It has used gamification principles and user-generated content in an effective way.

On this website, users can score a T-shirt design and a t-shirt with a too low score will not result in a shop.

This concept of gamification helps to create a user base that is really loyal and engaged on their website.

Gamification on Dropbox

Gamification on Dropbox

Dropbox gives more space to users who refer friends to their services. Here, Dropbox has offers rewards as in games. Those who score above 20, will get a small reward! Something like that!

Gamification in Nike

Gamification in Nike

Nike looked at the value of gamification and incorporated it into their website and they have found stunning results.

They also offer a high level of personalization which they provide with the help of posting running trails and creating various milestones.

Gamification strategies for eCommerce

Gamification strategies for eCommerce

Contest promotions to enhance the engagement of customers

Starting a contest for promotion on your website can be an effective gamification technique. In your eCommerce contests, you can provide a chance to win a free product.


Various retailers think that this can result in some money loss but its advantages compensate the loss easily. When you get the email of a customer, you have more chances of encouraging future sales with the help of email marketing.

Moreover, you can use your contests to get more likes and shares on your social media accounts. For instance, Salt Supply Co has performed such contest promotions and has captured lacs of emails.

Using Spin to win modules

It is one of the most effective gamification techniques for eCommerce businesses. Here, a visitor puts an email to receive a coupon code for a discount that will be applied to their cart.

This kind of promotion produces seamless gamification experience that results in the best customer engagement. Moreover, it drives customers to complete a purchase.

Using Spin to win modules

VIP loyalty programs

VIP Tiers is trending gamification technique nowadays. In this technique, various reward programs offer an incentive for repeat and enhanced purchase habits. They provide additional incentives to all the customers who spend more money in a fixed interval of time.

VIP loyalty programs

What gamification do for your eCommerce business?

Gamification provides the boost that you require to take your marketing strategy to a higher level. When you combine personalized brand experience with social as well as email marketing, it gives you the ability to convert your one time buyers to become potential repeat customers.

How can you implement gamification into your eCommerce website?

To achieve this, you can use creative gamification techniques on your website. You can perform it by using the following:

Achievements & Badges

Ask your users to complete a purchase within a fixed time period to win an achievement or a badge that can be used as a status symbol. Ultimately, this can result in more engagements of your visitors.


Using countdowns for discounts can help you get more purchases as a customer would want to use discounts for shopping. A countdown is really a great way of pushing users through the conversion funnel.

Progress Bars

gamification in progress bars

A progress bar is a quite simple but powerful way to complete the conversion process. When a customer sees a progress bar, psychologically, something drives him/her to complete this bar.

Create your own

Create your own

Permit your customers to design a product that you offer in some way. It is a good way to increase user engagement.

Point Systems

In this case, users get points when they complete a purchase, write reviews, refer friends, etc. This is quite similar to loyalty programs. But it has more fun added as users enjoy statistics related to them.

Final words

I hope that now you have a clear idea about what gamification means for eCommerce and how you can use it in growing your business. When you are getting your eCommerce website built through an eCommerce development company, make sure to ask them to use gamification.

Moreover, if you have any suggestions or feedback, you can comment in the comment box.