Biggest ever Roulette Wins

We’ve all done it. 

Dreaming of winning big at the casino is nothing new, and thousands of people will all try to increase their wealth with a spin of the roulette wheel. Typically speaking, roulette is a game that is centred on luck but there are a variety of strategies that can increase your chance of winning. Some will prove more popular than others but whichever one works best for you, may possibly increase your chances of winning. 

Whether you like to play live roulette online or taking a trip to your nearest real-life casino, huge wins on the roulette wheel are becoming a regular occurrence which got us thinking about some of the biggest ever recorded. We’ve picked out a selection of the biggest and most famous roulette wins so keep reading to find out who sits top of the tree. 

Mike Ashley – $1.6 million 

Have you ever heard the term that money goes to money? Well, there’s perhaps not many truer examples of this than Mike Ashley’s huge win back in 2008. Ashley, the owner of Sports Direct and for the time being, Newcastle United, frequents casinos quite regularly but his win in 2008 will dwarf them all. Ashley’s favourite number is 17 and he placed a plethora of bets around the number to the tune of $600,000, and the ball promptly landed on said number. A tidy profit of approximately $1 million was the reward.

happy young businessman

Sir Phillip Green – $2.5 million 


Staying with the trend of British retail moguls, Sir Phillip Green is no stranger to winning big whilst playing roulette. 2004 was a particular successful year for Sir Phillip, after he won $2.5 million whilst playing a high stakes game at London’s Les Ambassadeurs casino. It was even reported that Sir Phillip’s exertions actually played havoc with the casinos profits! Sir Phillip actually went on to win another $800,000 later that year so it was easy to see why the companies’ profits were set to take a plunge. 

Pedro Grendene Bartelle – $3.5 million 

Another businessman who struck gold at the roulette table was Brazilian Pedro Grendene Bartelle, who won a cool $3.5 million whilst playing French roulette. Bartelle had a bankroll of $35,000 and spread most of his bets around the number 32 and other back dozen numbers. His number rolled in and within moments, his wealth increased by $3.5 million. Bartelle was playing in a casino in Uruguay’s Punta del Este where his win was being filmed prior to security stepping in and taking the camera. 

Charles Wells – 2 million Francs 

If you ever played roulette, you would most certainly have heard of Charles Wells and his huge win back in 1891. Wells’ win was that impressive and inspiring, a song called: “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo” was penned by Frank Gilbert. Wells travelled to Monte Carlo to play in the world-famous casino and endured one of the best winning streaks in the game’s history. He won a million Francs and even went back where he won the same amount, making him the biggest roulette winner in history. Nowadays, that amount would be in the tens of millions. It wasn’t a fairy-tale ending for Wells, though. He was thought to be broke when he died in Paris in 1922.