The Most Astonishing Video Game Myths

Everything in life comes with certain beliefs. And the thing with what someone believes is that it is something that is very difficult to change. Just like how when someone sets their mind to something. Anyways, we want to look at some of the most astonishing video game myths. Do these myths hold any water, we have no idea that is all up to what you believe.

Craziest Video Game Myths

The Madden Curse

We all know that myths are all about what you choose to believe, but this one is a bit creepy. It was round about 2000 when the game developer and publisher, Electronic Arts, started featuring football players for the cover of its game. According to the name of the game was Madden NFL. And then that’s when it started to get a bit creepy as each player that was featured on the cover ended up getting injured the following season while others had the worst performances in NFL history. That is where the Madden Curse came from.


Video Games are For Kids

When it comes to one of the best and most believed video games myths, it has to be this one. That video game is for kids. And we can’t debate the fact that children love video games, but that does not mean that adults don’t enjoy video games as well. Maybe the reason why people believe that games are for kids is that adults have slots for real money games.

The Tomb Raider Nude Code

Tomb Raider was a movie that was truly a breath of fresh air. And well, the video game was even better. It was something that players had always wanted and when they finally got it, couldn’t wait to play it. The game came with Lara Croft with the best figure and features that were to die for. Then the rumours started that there was a code that, when entered into the game, would get Lara to strip until she was butt naked. Did this code ever exist? No, it did not. But that did not stop the internet from having such assumed codes and player trying them out.