Sales Intelligent Solutions

If you are set to increase sales and boost your business revenue, its time you made sales intelligent solutions a key part of your sales strategy. Yes, you need to shamelessly copy what all smart businesses are doing nowadays and start using intelligent sales solutions to automatically spy on your fiercest competitors, manage your sales and search leads faster. Are you sold on this great idea? Well, here is an in-depth insight into what the right sales intelligent solutions can do for your business.

1. Easy Website Checking

If you want to know what technologies your competitors are using to attract customers, you can easily find out with a sales intelligent solution like Webspotter. If you want to know which websites are using WordPress, you can easily search and discover a full list of them. Even if you want to find out which sites use Magenta solutions, you can see them all from the comfort of your computer.

The ability to know the types of technologies that your rivals are using is crucial. You can find out what competitive advantage they have over you. You can find out about why some customers seek their services and not yours. Knowing the strengths of your competitors will prepare you to compete favorably with them.

2. Better Sales Engagement

Sales intelligent solutions can enable you to better engage your customers and personalize their experiences. You can then tailor your approach to each customer’s unique needs. Sales engagement solutions can enhance the productivity of your sales department by making sales engagement rewarding for both the business and the customer.

If you have problems with reaching out to your email list in good time, the right solutions can make it easy to automate and personalize your email campaigns. You can centralize your prospecting. Your inbound leads can be handled automatically while you concentrate on other important areas of your business. Workflows can even be customized for each of your leads because leads differ. You will easily separate prospects that are ready to buy and those that will need more convincing

3. Faster Lead Searching

The more leads you have, the higher the chances of selling your product or service. With sales intelligent solutions, you can find leads and create sales solutions to turn those leads into additional revenue. Suppose you offer law services, an intelligent lead searching solution can make it easy for you to find good prospects on networking sites, view their company profiles and use the connections you share to reach out to them.


Apart from searching for leads, lead searching solutions can make it easy to analyze the effectiveness of your sales strategy. You will have enough data to monitor the progress you make with your current leads and make better decisions to increase your chances of being successful with future leads. If social networking is a key part of your sales strategy, an intelligent platform can introduce the confidence your sales department desperately needs.

4. Maximum Productivity

Understanding the effectiveness of your sales approach can be hard. There are just too many parameters to take into account and getting a true picture of what works and what doesn’t can take forever. Having your sales team work with intelligent productivity solutions can make it easier than you think. You can accurately track the rate at which your prospects open emails, attachments, and links.

You will never have to guess what works and what doesn’t. If the software shows that your messages don’t interest prospects, you can change them. If your links aren’t bringing in traffic, you could improve on your sales campaigns. When people are opening your emails and interacting with your links, the appropriate solution will ensure you remain on the right track.

5. Clearer Understanding of Your Customers

Just like all great salespersons know, the best way to be successful in sales is by understanding your customer inside-out. Simply know your customer’s personality type and you will find out what they are willing to pay for. Personality types are what determines the needs, wants and challenges of pretty much everyone.

Ever wished you could read your customers minds with near accurate precision? Ever wondered how you could understand their style of communication and personalize your approach for each of them? Ever wondered what motivates them and makes them behave the way they behave? An intelligent solution that analyses social media profiles and texts can investigate customer behaviors and give you answers to these and more questions.

Are You Ready to Take Advantage of Sales Intelligent Solutions?

There you have it. You now know why business intelligent solutions are the future and you will never have to second guess the value they can bring to your business. Many smart businesses around the world use these solutions every day to stay ahead of the pack. Your competitors could be using them too to reach prospects at your expense. You shouldn’t be left behind. It’s time to take action.