Applying for a dream job can be very stressful. If you are in this position, you wonder how to make your resume stand out in order to land a coveted position. Among hundreds of applicants, there should be a recipe to accomplishment. This article contains key steps to succeed in getting noticed by employers.

After all, what should the resume do? Beyond the basics, it should tell your story, right? Although it might seem complicated to write an outstanding resume, it is not. There are ways to tweak it and move beyond the tracking systems of HRs. Today is about a few simple changes to consider in order to make people stand out from the crowd when hunting the dream job. Learn how to catch the eye of the typical recruiter by following some easy rules below.

How To Make A Stellar Job Application In Just 5 Small Steps

How To Make A Stellar Job Application In Just 5 Small Steps

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Take this advice whether is just the very beginning of the career or you are looking for changing the professional path. These are 5 steps to make the job application exceptionally good in the 2019 job pool.

  • The Attractive Design Is The Very First Impression

In the era of innovative design, the resume should stand out in the first instance with the help of a nice layout. If only people would know that some HRs are simply skimming through the job application and then decide to consider it or not. The eyes should be drawn on the most important portions. Why not bolding some keywords or information that should stick out in the recruiter’s eye? This way, the recruiter will distinguish the presentation from the hundreds he or she is glancing through that day.

  • Customize The Job Application For The Specific Industry

Most of the people who apply for a job tend to include their personality in the resume. It is perfectly fine, but unless they apply for a job in a creative area. Like PR, advertising or journalism. For instance, if applying for an engineering job, there is no place for colors, pictures, and fonts that take the mind to a UX/UIX position. All in all, trying to customize the job application to the wanted job is a must. Otherwise, HRs will cut your name from the list immediately.

  • Resume Should Be Clean And Concise

When starting writing about yourself, the first tendency is to compose an entire story that spread to a full page. When writing the first resume, it’s hard to know how the hiring manager will be reading it. He or she might open it on a smartphone or on a tracking system. This is why people should stick to a very clean and simple resume, legible on a different platform. Hyperlinking it to LinkedIn is a solution to spare a lot of space. Format and font are very important. Titles can be in bold and numbers are good for backing up the success. For those who need help on writing the resume, they can ask for help on EssayPro, a smart platform in this direction.


  • Cut The Waste

Instead of the physical address, it better to leave out the skills section on the resume and the statement about the career goals as well. Also, people should not forget to include a brief bio, which introduces themselves and highlights the important job history. It’s like they paint a picture of their skills, so the employer can make an idea about how amazing they are. The skills section should appear in the job history descriptions, so they will have a bigger impact there.

  • Using Keywords As A “Core Competencies” Section

In the era of technology, it is vital to building an online resume application based on applicant tracking systems. These systems track and score the job applications based on some keywords. Thus, people should utilize as many keywords as possible in their text or the cover letter. How is better to do this? By using a bulleted “Core Competencies” section. Try to include keywords in the initial qualifications summary of the resume, so the system will immediately start tracking them. The keywords should, of course, be related to the job and the domain.

What To Do Next?

What To Do Next

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Now that these 5 steps are fresh in your mind, are you ready to get the new job? There’s no better time to get started. Take the old job application and start rewriting it, based on what you have now learned. Cut the waste, ad keywords and make the job application look professional, but not too serious.

This way, the resume will stand out, get more and more interviews. The new job applications, maybe simpler than the one before will stick out of the “junk” pile and bring the new job much faster.


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