How To Get Help As An Overseas Student

Every year, we see a major influx of students arriving in countries like USA, England, and Australia for higher studies. These countries are known for the courses they offer and the hospitable environment they provide. Australia recently recorded the highest number of foreign students enrolled in its universities. Though, a desired destination for most students around the world; trying to fit in is always the common conundrum for international students. It isn’t only about the language and culture, but is also about the level of studies the universities offer. For a foreign student in a western country, help should always be available. Many companies realized that a long time ago and started providing services to students so they can have an equal footing on land where everything is different from back home.  

If you are one of those students, here are a few tips and tricks which will surely help you out:


  1. Accommodation- First and foremost, a student will need to find the most suitable accommodation. For this, a student can look up various portals to find such a place. Students have a lot of demands when it comes to choosing a place; the place shouldn’t be pricey, it should be near the university, and the roommate shouldn’t give unwarranted troubles at times. There are websites like Roomies and Roommates which show a lot of available places students can take up. They can even screen the people they will have to share the place with and select one that seem the most suitable.
  2. Studies-  An international  student always needs help with their studies. This isn’t only because the course curriculum is much different than what they are used to study back home. It is also because they work a part time job to meet their daily expenses. It only makes sense that a student would be seeking help with their studies from time to time. Ask any international student and they will tell you all about the hardships they have to face when studying in a different country.  For students studying in Australia, you will find searches like ‘online assignment help australia’ or ‘buy college essay’ at the top of their search history. There are multiple websites that have propped up over the years serving student in this regard. If you need help too, you can type in the same search query and get it done from any service.
  3. Money- This is a big issue for students, more so for students who have come to another country for studies. If you aren’t working part-time after classes, you will find it hard to manage with the money you have got from the scholarship. There are just too many daily expenses to take care of, not even counting the recreational activities students are entitled to from time to time. You can look up various portals like Craigslist and Monster for jobs available in your area that will pay well. If that isn’t an option, students try out different ways to earn money. Some go for affiliate marketing and helping around campus to earn some bucks, anything to keep going.  If you are good at studies, many a times other students will come to you with odd requests; phrases like ‘write my term paper for me’ or ‘write my coursework’ are pretty common on student campuses. If you are good at studies, don’t be surprised if you receive these odd requests. Adhering to these might get you some decent amount of money.
  4. Internships- Students around the world yearn to get their hands on internships from big companies. Students who have completed their internships in a reputed company are more likely to increase their job prospects than students who haven’t. You will find students take up internships not only for the money, but for the experience they will gather working in a firm.  There are websites like LinkedIn and Internships which post a number of internships for anyone looking to take one up. If you are unable to find an internship through that, seek to find an internship through the alumni network of your university. Alumni who are already working in reputed firms try to help out students from the educational institutes they studied from.   Chances are, you might get the internship you always coveted. If you get that, it is always better than the ‘write my term paper for me’ request you always get at the university
  5. Sync In-  Much of the student life is about exploring and discovering new avenues. It means that education is not only related to what one learns in class but is also about how much you grow in terms of mind and soul. Students are always on the lookout for what is new in town. For example, you will find crowds in concerts to be more of the younger age group; mostly, students from universities look to hang out at such places. There are websites like Ticketmaster and Vividseats where you can buy tickets at a discount for upcoming concerts in your city. There are also sporting events where students are given a huge discount over the tickets if they show their student ID at the gates. Students need time off to relax; if they don’t go that way, they will turn up pretty exhausted with the studies and workload they have on their shoulders. If you are a student studying in another country, you would know what I am talking about.  Students always have one or multiple assignments they have to submit each weekend, it can get pretty hectic. No one would blame you if one of your guilt is to buy assignment online so you can go to a party and enjoy for one night of the weekend. Do not feel guilty; the fountain of youth does not sprout forever. If you are not going out and having fun at this point of your life, you will be regretting it for the rest of your life.