The Best Farm Animal Slots

If you’re a fan of online slot machines, you’ll know that there are many different themed games. The themes vary from television and films to fruit and precious gemstones. There are even some dedicated to animals, and arguably the best animal-themed slots games are those based on loveable farm animals.

Game developers have turned to the humble cows, pigs and chickens in order to produce the next set of popular slots games. We’ve taken a look at three of our favourite online slot machines based on farm animals. Before we do, don’t forget to check out to play the most popular slots.

Karate Pig

Yes, you read that correctly. The first weird slots game is called Karate Pig. Created by Microgaming, the martial arts and farm animal slots game brings plenty of weird and wacky elements together to create a fun game.

The symbols on the five reels are based on the oriental culture and include: a bonsai tree, a gold Buddha, a muscly buffalo, a waving cat, a small bear and some sushi. There are two types of bonuses in the game as well – the pork chop bonus and the hammer bonus – before you have the chance to enter the final showdown and potentially win the jackpot.

With some free spins, stacked wilds and great bonus features, Karate Pig is definitely worth checking out.


Invaders from the Planet Moolah

The last one featured a crazy mix of oriental culture, pigs and martial arts, and this next one is a mix of cows and aliens. Invaders from the Planet Moolah is a five-reel slot machine with 25 pay-lines. Created by Williams Interactive, the out of this world slots game features a cow inside a spaceship, above each reel.

There is an added element to this slots game, which makes it different from most. As it has cascading reels, when you spin a winning combination, the winning symbols vanish, and the symbols above drop into place. What this means is that you can win multiple times per spin and if you have four or more continual cascading wins, the invasion feature will be triggered, which provides players with the opportunity to win several free spins.

The wacky theme and ability to win multiple times in one spin is a reason why it is a popular choice among players.


We’ve had martial arts pigs, cows in space, now it’s time for robotic chickens and eggs. This five reel slot from NetEnt has 20 pay-lines and is based on a high tech robot egg factory. The game features a video before play starts, which explains that the factory is struggling and egg production is down.

The graphics of the game are simple but effective and the expressions on the chickens and the eggs fall in line with the story as they appear rather downbeat in the reels. There is a conveyor belt above the reels and when an egg is dispensed and travels across, if the wild rooster appears on the same reel, then you could win some free spins or some coins.

When you win a free spins egg, you unlock the free spins feature, which sees an egg above every reel on the conveyor belt. Again, these range from coins to more free spins and can really help to boost the money you’re winning.

It’s a really fun, if strange game, and is definitely one to try out.